Monday, February 13, 2017

Perry's Bad Breakup Ice Cream & The Nosh Show #98

[New for February 2017] Hello Nosh Show listeners! We've got a very ice cream filled episode for you, maybe the most chilly episode ever actually. There's talk of the new Ben & Jerry's pint slices, the new Edy's slow churned cookie dough flavors (which I will start to review soon), M&M ice cream bars, and I even did a mention of.....

Perry's Bad Breakup Ice Cream
Sea salt caramel chocolate ice cream
with milk fudge swirls and fudge-filled hearts

Full disclosure: Perry's sent over two free pints of this for sampling.

I wasn't sure how to describe this one, so let me first say that it's pretty tasty. I quickly finished the 1/3 of a pint that was in my bowl and that proceeded to round out my serving to a complete half a pint. It's got a nice complexity and it's not a heavy ice cream, so it's very easy to keep going.

Describing the complexity is kind of hard though. My first thoughts were that it almost has the spunk of a cinnamon chocolate flavor. There's just a little kick to it to keep it that much more interesting.

As I was finishing up though, I realized maybe it was just the rich fudge tying everything together. I'm thinking the bit of sea salt caramel in the base ties together with that fudge swirl to add a nice back end flavor to the chocolate that's in the base. I'm wondering if that was the affect that Truffle Kerfuffle was going for. I'm also wondering if I like it here more because it's more mild but also more consistent.

Can't forget to mention the hearts! They are tasty of course! They have a nice dark chocolate flavoring to them. In a perfect world I wish they were a little more soft and truffly, but that's just a side thought. Overall they are a needed component to this one. They add a bit of texture diversity while also backing up the fudgy vibe of this ice cream.

On Second Scoop: I like how this one is different. While I went through a range of decisions trying to figure this one out on the first scooping, today I just accepted that it's a different kind of chocolate. It's also easy scooping so I made very short work of the second half of the pint. If you have Perry's in your area, I say give this one a try.

Verdict?  different
Buy Again?  sure

allergy note: processed on shared equipment

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Danielle said...

As a single person on Valentine's Day, I need to mention the name is genius!