Saturday, February 11, 2017

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pint Slice

[By Nick, New for early 2017] Looks like Ben & Jerry's is trying to bring something new to the novelty game but the concept doesn't excite me all that much. It's not revolutionary and at least their old novelties had some creativity to them. However, people who can't control themselves around a pint now have a portioned control version of B&J's that doesn't come in a ridiculously small cup. Dubba has already covered the Peanut Butter Cup one and is planning on reviewing the Americone Dream version as well. That leaves me with Chocolate Fudge Brownie and...

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pint Slice
Vanilla ice cream bars with the gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough
and fudge flakes, covered in a dark chocolatey coating

There's a big red flag in that description and that's "chocolatey". Why aren't we using real chocolate, Unilever? It seems like they're getting cheaper and cheaper with each of their brands.

Out of the package, the slice looks cute. It looks like a round Klondike bar.

Cutting this one in half, it leaves a lot to be desired. You don't see much of anything. The coating is thick at least and there looks to be a good ratio of ice cream to coating.

Biting into this one, there's a familiar taste. It reminds me of the dark chocolate Klondike bar shell. It's better though because this shell is a lot thicker. It doesn't crack everywhere when you bite into it which is a plus. I wish they didn't go the cheap route though because the flavor is a bit weak to me.

The ice cream is standard Ben & Jerry's quality which is no surprise there. While it didn't look like it, there's plenty of cookie dough pieces in the little bar. The cookie dough is the same height as the bar which is kind of amazing in my book. The fudge chunks are a bit sparse but that just means more room for cookie dough.

Overall, this is a decent treat. Is it something to buy right away? Not by any means. I'd wait until it's on sale if you're interested in this one. There's room for improvement in quality as well as creativity. If I had to redesign it, I'd have a layer of the mix in of choice as a shell. So the dark chocolate shell, a layer of cookie dough and then fill it with the ice cream. That would be something more fitting the craziness of the old Ben & Jerry's. If you're reading this Unilever, I want royalties if you take my idea.

Dubba's Note: Having tried all four flavors, I need to point out that Nick had the unfortunate situation of eating the weakest of the pint slices before digging in to the better ones. 

Verdict?  Basically a higher quality Klondike bar
Buy Again?  I'll give the other varieties a shot


Anonymous said...

3 slices per container is lame. Ben and Jerry's can do better, especially at the cost of these.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the "chocolatey shell" is a cost cutting move. Logistically, how do you make an edible chocolate coating that doesn't immediately melt and fall apart if it has the same consistancy as the ice cream inside?

Either way these really don't do anything for me.

When I heard "pint slices" I assumed they were going to do legit ice cream sandwiches with a slice of a pint as the center. Rich brownies & cholcolate chip cookies surrounding their ice cream? Cmon, step it up Ben & Jerry!

TheIcon said...

Agree. They are missing the boat doing real Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Either that or creative combos of their basic line of ice cream in sandwhich form. Brownie cookie with cookie dough ice cream (half baked) Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookie with cheery ice cream ( Cherry Garcia) etc etc

Sascha said...

Costs the same as a B&J pint and presumably has the same amount of product.

Dubba Scoops said...

@aol & TheIcon: deconstructed flavors, nice!

@Sascha: same price, but 9oz vs 16oz, though you could argue you are getting 3 servings vs 3 servings (because it's easier to get three servings instead of four servings from a pint)

Carlcarl said...

I had this thinking it was going to fill the peace pop sized hole in my life, but this is nowhere near as good. The Peace Pop had such a decadent amount of cookie dough & I was super disappointed. Pretty much came here to say if you’re thinking peace pop this product will be disappointing.