Thursday, December 3, 2015

Target Frosted Sugar Cookie Ice Cream

[New for 2015] Season Greetings budget ice cream lovers! Holiday offerings are back at Target. This year, Hot Cocoa (reviewed) and Peppermint Neapolitan (reviewed) have ditched apple and pumpkin pie (not reviewed) and brought two new friends, Triple Berry Chunk and....

Market Pantry Frosted Sugar Cookie Ice Cream @Target
artificially flavored vanilla ice cream with sugar cookie pieces
and red sprinkles swirled with red frosting

Nice fun opening shot (minus the machinery mark anyway)

Oh man, it looks even better scooped. Little red chunks. COOKIE CHUNKS. (I know, I know, it looks like peppermint doesn't it?)

I take my first bite, and yeah, I taste sugar cookie. Cool. I take a few more bites, and yeah, nicely dialed in flavor so far. Not too overpowering or sweet, but let's see if it holds up.

The sugar cookies aren't very sugary or sweet but are distinctly a sugar cookie. In other words, you probably don't want to eat them on their own but they go great with the base.

Hmmm, I got a bite that was.... iunno, icy? Not bad, but I'm guessing it was a bunch of swirl. It's not scary or anything, but it's very light. Like super light, but still enjoyable. With the pink color and the thorough cookie flavor, the texture... wait, there it is again. How odd, but more or less still tasty. It's almost coolatta like.

This is usually the part where I go off being confused, but despite the oddness that I will dig in to again later, I do still like the flavor. It's a good mix of sweet and cookie. I tend not to prefer these texturally light offerings, but sometimes they do have a certain positivite effect on conveying the flavor. Sure, I have the feeling my high sweetness tolerance is kicking in here and this probably won't be for everyone, but at the moment, I like it.

On Second Scoop: Is this a budget ice cream with a fairly mild flavor? Yes. Does it work? Yes. Does it have any competition in my area? NO. Sure, Blue Bell, Homemade, and now Blue Bunny all rock similar flavors, but in central mass, I've got squat right now. 

Verdict?  cheap fun
Buy Again?  sure


Anonymous said...

Since you said you don't have access to all those ice creams that would have a competing flavor, how is it that you're always reviewing them?

Dubba Scoops said...

Homemade brand (of Ohio) sent Nick samples and CT from Nerd Lunch reviewed the Blue Bell version. Our Blue Bunny Rep left and the new one doesn't send samples though in this case Nick has found it by him.

Anonymous said...

I just scooped some of Blue Bunny's Holidoodle tonight and although very sweet, it is a nice change up from the typical peppermint offerings during the holidays. You are def going to have to give it a try if you can find some!

Anonymous said...

Blue Bell's Christmas Cookie flavor isn't out right now as Blue Bell is still in limited release. Sadly, I don't think they will be rocking any unique flavor profiles for a while.

Dubba Scoops said...

Correct, Blue Bell selection is currently still expanding but I'd hope/assume it will be back by the end of 2016.

Anonymous said...

I also found the Holi-Doodle extremely sweet, but there's something about it that makes you want to come back for more.