Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hood Peppermint Stick Ice Cream

Ok, today we have a seasonal flavor that's been out for a few weeks now. It's nothing new, it's been out for a long time apparently, but I cant find any record of me ever trying it (or if maybe it took a hiatus?). Anyway, here goes nothing!

Hood Peppermint Stick Ice Cream
peppermint ice cream with marshmallow swirl and peppermint candies

Sure smells like a candy cane.

Whoa, that's just awesome looking = #FunFactor!
There seem to be a decent amount of candies pieces.

I take my first bites and am underwhelmed unfortunately. For such a pretty looking flavor, there's not a lot of clarity going on. In other words, the flavor is kind of lost in the so-so texture. It's not quite frozen dairy dessert, but there's enough food science going on to kind of mute or muffle what might otherwise be a decent flavor. Ugggg.

So this isn't terrible for a budget flavor, and it is nice to look at, but I'd rather have something that conveys the mint rather than masks it. There are better peppermint options out there. As least it does taste like candy canes and not some generic mint flavor.

>>> Oh geez, sometimes I edit the photos after I write the review and I just saw the "marshmallow swirl" description now. Yeah, I didn't taste marshmallow, but that might explain a lot..... ahhh, hold on, let me go take a few more bites... yeah, the white part tastes nothing like marshmallow. Check back tomorrow for the second scoop to see if it grows on me at all.

Verdict?  muddled
Buy Again?  unlikely

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Unknown said...

I love it! Unfortunately, it's only around at Christmas and is difficult to find. Friendlys is seasonal also, but I didn't like it as much. Luckily, Brighams is around all year long at my local market.