Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sonic Waffle Cone Sundae & More Reviewed

[New for 2014] Alright, time for our annual pilgrimage to Sonic to use up some free gift cards. I'm not quite sure how it always winds up being just once a year, maybe it's the fact that it's over an hour away, but at least it happens. See, on Monday, I was very tempted to rant about our uneventful summer.... but then I realized I still had one final day to do something special for my kids. Six Flags decided to not be open on the last day of summer (aka #FAIL), but the beach is still open.... oh yeah, it's gonna be a beach day and we're gonna hit Sonic on the way home. Time to make some memories.

The new Sonic M&M Candies & Strawberries Waffle Cone Sundae
The crowning achievement of our trip to Sonic

You know the funniest part? I got an email from Sonic announcing this product while I was sitting in the car waiting for it to be delivered! There is also a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup & Chocolate version as well as a Snickers Bar & Caramel version, but since my son was with me, it means going with the only non-nut version. You might be thinking "but Dubba, you hate the frosty waffle cone" and you're right, I do, but 1) this is solid soft serve and not runny frosty and 2) this is way prettier.

Did the strawberry sauce immediately start running out the low point of the cone and rush towards my hand? yeah. Did they only bring us one spoon which I gave to my daughter for her mini Oreo blast, forcing me to eat this like a regular cone? yeah. Do I care about either of these things? a little, but not a ton. See, by forcing me to eat it like a regular ice cream cone, I realized just how wonderful the waffle cone is. It's not your typical, brown sugar cone or waffle bowl, this is much more like a sweet, light pizzelle and it makes everything worth it. Sure it breaks easily, but it's hard to complain when something fresh and tasty is falling in to your mouth.

Do I recommend trying it? Ofcourse! Even if you decide you don't like the form factor, it's a really neat treat to stare at for a few minutes. It's what the frosty cone should have been. My only technical critique is that I wish the toppings went further down so it was a more complete experience. [Note: Sonic says you can customize your waffle cone experience any way you like, you aren't limited to the three primary choices above].

So what else did we get? Well, we got upgraded beverages with our late meal like we always do. I tried the cherry creamslush (because I couldn't remember if I had tried it before). The creamslush was easier to drink than last time, it was tasty but made me crave something salty... so grabbed a few mystery tater tots. I call them mystery tots because every other one was so heavily salted that I spit it out. Not sure what happened, I'd hazard a guess it was an accidental double salting or something. My wife went with a poorly blended cookie dough shake. It was a decent, mildly flavored shake at first, but then we hit this pocket of flavor syrup at the bottom and it was like trying to drink a super sweet caramel sauce. Wow, I think I can still taste it.

My daughter had wanted to try one of the nerd slushes but after Ryan's comments on the Nosh Show I decided a plain blue raspberry sans nerds would be safer.... she liked it but was still a little sad she didn't get to try the nerd version (curse my over protective nature!).

While my wife and daughter enjoyed their usual grilled cheese sandwiches, I went with the grilled version of the new cheesy pub chicken sandwich. Oh boy did I regret not going with the crispy version. See, my thin chicken was a bit overdone and I was unable to bite through the tough, top brown layer of it. As I was fighting with the chicken, the bun disintegrated and became a new fashion statement all over my hands. I was unamused. Go crispy chicken or burger is my only advice here, the flavor probably would have popped better that way anyway.

And what does my son walk away with from Sonic? Well, these cute little Sonic books. I'm not sure who picks the kids meals toys, but my son always approves.

As always, here's the parting shot of our trip (sans one cookie dough shake container). Thanks again to Sonic for the free gifts cards. I'm not 100% sure about the repeat purchase potential on the waffle cone sundaes, but it's gonna be way higher then it was for the Wendy's version. I know I'm certainly tempted to try them again.

Wafflecone Verdict? Drool inducing
Buy Again?  Yeah


Anonymous said...

That looks like something that would get into the floorboards and NEVER COME OUT. Quit a sundae.

Dubba Scoops said...

Don't worry Anon, your lap will catch it!