Thursday, September 19, 2013

McDonald's Pralines & Cream McFlurry Review

[New for Fall 2013] Look, we all have "one of those days". The kind of late in the week, stumble out of bed, poke yourself in the eyeball with bills as you go to the mailbox, just worn out kind of days where you wind up eating junk food all day long. As you get older, it's probably best to have less of these days, and thankfully it's been a good while since I had one myself. Let's see, I had an ice cream sandwich for breakfast, cookies, peanuts, and cheese puffs for snack, and now a McFlurry for lunch, but don't worry, I'll eat a healthy dinner (yeah, that's the ticket).

The New McDonald's Pralines & Cream McFlurry
Silky reduced fat soft serve vanilla ice cream mixed with 
candied praline (pecan) pieces and swirled with our hot caramel topping

Am I the only one who gets the impression that this one isn't blended too well?

I'll admit it, the top part of my McFlurry that is buried in sweet caramel and praline bits is very tasty. I'm loving the combo and there does seem to a bit of warmth to the gooey caramel against the cold soft serve. It's reminding me of something, caramel popcorn with nuts perhaps. Definitely good times on these first bites. Lots of respectable sauce, lots of fresh crunchy pecans, lots of flavor, I like it...

I don't like spoon shots, but these buggers did not want to come off.

Now if only that rich taste lasted the whole way through. Sure I tried to blend it before digging in, but the flavor burst in the beginning just wasn't meant to be for the whole treat. The flavors ran out long before I hit the bottom. In retrospect, maybe I should have grabbed like a 3 piece mighty wings and then chased that with a snack size P&C McFlurry instead with the hopes that it would have been blended a little better.

Overall I still liked it, it was worth the $2.77 to try something new. That said, it's a typical fast food treat where quality control is an issue. McD's just isn't the place you go for fake blizzards. Sure, it will do in a pinch, and I'm glad to see them finally change things up a bit, but they risk losing repeat customers if they can't deliver a balanced experience.

Verdict?  good combo, troubled execution
Buy Again?  maybe

Nutrition: 680 cals, 22g of fat (9 sat), 83g sugar, 13g of protein


shelly said...

most mcflurry's I have at MCD's are just like that, maybe they just need to not be as "fast" food as they should be when making them. I haven't tried this one yet, but from your picture it seems like there's more P&C then the other has their candy. Just a better mix of the caramel to ice cream looks like it would do the trick

MsBCheet said...

This was THE BEST DESSERT McDonald's had. I sincerely hope they bring it back.