Wednesday, September 22, 2010

National Ice Cream Cone Day

September 22 is indeed National Ice Cream Cone Day which means it's a great day to get an ice cream cone at lunch! The funny thing is that we did a poll awhile back where only 6% of people said they prefer to eat from ice cream cones, but hey, this is a ice cream aisle based website, so it's not too shocking where our fan base lies.

Cone reviews:
Oreo Cones
Joy Waffle Cones
Waffle Bowls

Ice Cream Cone reviews:
Nestle Vanilla Caramel Drumstick
Blue Bunny Champ Variety Pack
Blue Bunny Hot Fudge Brownie Champ
Blue Bunny Camp Mini Swirls! Vanilla and Birthday Party
M&M Ice Cream Cone
Nestle Lil' Drums
Philly Swirl (epic fail) Cereal Conez
Skinny Cow Cone
Stone Ridge Creamery Mini Cones
Weight Watcher's Chocolate Cone
Weight Watches Double Caramel Swirl Ice Cream Cone

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