Friday, April 23, 2010

Blue Bunny Hot Fudge Brownie Champ!

I don't know what it is, but I'm having the worst time getting around to reviewing these ice cream cones. I've already had four of these and still no words have been typed. I even had one on the way to work yesterday in the hopes of spurning some words to come out. It's been a "interesting" week (it's just never ending, it's been different to say the least). Anyway, let's see what we can do.

Note: This sample was bought with a free coupon from a Blue Bunny marketer.

Ok, inside the box are six blue foil-looking wrapped ice cream cones. I know it's trivial, but I appreciate the packaging. I've already paid for the product so it's not like Blue Bunny has to try and impress me when I open the box, yet they have taken the effort to give me a nicely wrapped treat. It's a nice touch. Now, if only the wrapping would come off a little easier.

Ahhhh, there we go. Looks pretty good actually. They've gone for chocolate shavings rather than the usual chocolate ummm, great, i can't think of the word. The base ice cream looks fairly normal. It's that tasty looking chocolate cone that has my attention, I sure hope it's crunchy!

Like I said, I've actually had four of these and I'm still not sure what to say. My daughter has had one and she definitely likes them, and overall I guess I would say I like them too. I guess they just don't wow me in any particular direction, but that's not a bad thing if overall I still enjoy myself. Maybe we should go bite by bite.

Chocolate Shavings: Sorry, but they just don't work for me. I find them a bit hard and it seems like they just want to go everywhere. I guess it adds a pretty factor, but I don't think it adds any quality or enjoyment to the product.

Base ice cream: it is what is is, just not wowwing me, that's all.

"Dark" Chocolate Cone: Thankfully, the cone is crunchy. If it wasn't, well, I wouldn't feel guilty tossing a free box of soggy cones in the trash. It seems to look more chocolaty than it really is. I don't know, I just thought I remember the Oreo Cones adding more chocolate flavor.

The final bite: Just like a drumstick, the final bite is full of chocolate, mmmmmm

And that's all I remember, but wait! Let's go over the description: Vanilla flavored low fat ice cream with a thick swirl of fudge & whipped cream flavored sauces, loaded with brownie chunks topped with a drizzle of fudge & chocolate curls. I don't remember any brownie chunks. Hmmmm, ok, stay tuned 'til tomorrow people. I think we need to cut one of these puppies in half... I'll also do my best to try and slow down when I try this bad boy one last time. I've got a bad habit of eaten treat cones way too quickly.

On Second Scoop: Whoops, my daughter had the last cone yesterday, so they'll be no slicing and dicing on this one. No worries though, these are decent cones and I've got two more free coupons. I just need to figure out which flavor to try next.

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