Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ben & Jerry's Milkshake for Dinner

It's a miracle!

My wife and I actually made it out to a movie! Man has it been a long time. Unfortunately, there really wasn't time for dinner, so we had to improvise. The above picture is all that is left of my dinner, the cup from a 20oz Sweet Cream & Cookies milkshake that I thoroughly enjoyed during the opening sequence of How to Train your Dragon.

And yes, I actually brought home my plastic movie theatre cup so I could recycle it.

Oh, the movie was good by the way, it was smarter than I thought it would be.


  1. You brought home your (plastic) glass so you could recycle it. You rock.

  2. OOOOH I bet that flavor was great as a milk shake!

    Congrats on getting a date night in at the same time. I loved that movie (but now I wish I had ice cream to drink when I watched)

    Have you gotten to try the Boonerroo Buzz yet?

  3. Thanks, hopefully it's the first break of many (we still have a restaurant gift certificate from Christmas to use!)

    No Bonnaroo Buzz for me, the scoops shops are out of my way and it's not really worth it for a coffee flavor (not that I wouldn't mind trying it)


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