Friday, January 13, 2023

Muddy Bites Dark Milk Chocolate Waffle Cone Snacks

[Created in 2018, First produced in 2019] I was pretty excited when I first saw Muddy Bites pop up on Instagram. I love that final chocolate filled bite of a Nestle Drumstick, so I thought "how could these not be awesome?" Well, I finally found them at Stop & Shop this morning...

Muddy Bites Dark Chocolate Waffle Cone Snacks

For over four dollars (on sale), I had hoped the bag would look a little more full. I guess I shouldnt have expected much for 2.33 oz

I eat my first one and it's definitely not what I expect. There are two things that stand out most. One, I feel like the cone itself should be a bit more dense. Two, without a little bit of ice cream in the mix, these seem a bit dry.

As a counter point, let me also acknowledge that the cone is very crisp.

My store only had the dark chocolate version (and only 4 bags at that), but maybe the milk chocolate or white chocolate versions would be a bit more of a cohesive snack. I'd like a bit more flavor but also a better melding of that flavor.

I set my expectations too high for sure. I could imagine exactly how I wanted these to taste, and they just couldn't live up to my imagination.  Chocolate and waffle cones go great together, so I'm not sure how much tweaking these would need to be amazing.

On Second Scoop: Ok, I tried them with ice cream, and because it's me, I tried them with three flavors (Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry ice creams). Well, I think it helped a bit, but not a ton. It didn't magically remind me of the last bite of a Drumstick. So, share your thoughts in the comments. I'm very curious how others have interpreted these snacks.

Verdict?  decent I guess
Buy Again?  iunno

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Bulldoger said...

What?! No ice cream in there? This was excellent in concept and a total fail in execution. What’s the point?

Alek said...

Better off buying a box of sugar cone and then fill it up with melted chocolate.

Chime said...

Geez, this seems like a huge ripoff.