Sunday, January 8, 2023

Debranding continues in 2023

I should probably call it rebranding, but I like debranding better. We've all seen products go from branded to co-branded and then rebranded back to the original branding for a variety of marketing and business reasons. My point is, does this nonsense bother anyone else? I know companies love the free advertising generated by people (like me) who like taking pictures of things labeled "NEW", but doesn't it feel at least a little dishonest in some cases?

Up top is the Good Humor Reese's bars from 2011 and below it is the 2023 marketing photo for the "new" Reese's cup. Technically there is one change. While both are 3.3 Fluid ounces, the 2011 version had 280 calories per serving while the 2023 version will have 230 calories.

On the left is the Good Humor Reese's bar circa 2018 and on the right is the marketing photo for the "NEW!" 2023 Reese's bar. It's literally the same ho-hum product. Booooooooo.

Ok, last one. 2022 Klondike Cones! vs 2023 Reeses Cones. Exact same thing. Uggg.... and I say ugg because Klondike Cones are terrible. Ok, I'll stop with the pictures now. You know the same thing will apply to the Reese's tubs of light ice creams and frozen dairy dessert.

Look, I won't argue that the new branding won't catch peoples' attention, it's just that I am a very literal person and these marketing antics have always bugged me. Also, long time readers know that on more than one occasion I have picked on a product that is branded for the sake of being branded. If you give me a Reese's treat, it better remind me of Reese's!

Side Note: The press release also mentions Heath "tubs and pints" headed our way.

History Note: Sometimes a co-brand might switch hands. Last year, Dreyer's/Edy's teamed up with Mondelez to launch those Oreo and Chips Ahoy branded treats. This is why Breyer's flavors no longer say Oreo and Chips Ahoy!

Business Note: According to Bloomberg, Unilever is considering selling Klondike and Breyers. I wonder if Good Humor would be included in this as well.

Final Note: all marketing images courtesy of Unilever.


  1. why wouldn't good humor be included, do they have some sort of special deal?

  2. oh, also, what i think is most notable is not just the fake newness but the loss of who is actually making them, so its all reeses

  3. Maybe we are both old men yelling at clouds, but I'm with you Dubba. That original RPBC puck was so beloved by my sister she had to swear them off. I'm guessing the lower calories means there's no danger of that with the "new" one.

  4. Seriously, in 2023, what variations of "Reese's" HAVEN'T been done ?

  5. @Joe: hahahaha, yes we are! at some point I'll probably give in a try a new one though just to see how it stacks up to the original.

    @Bagels: HAHAHAHA good call.... but, i mean, they could always start throwing the chips and chunks and cookie bits for an even bigger line up. Just translate all of their cup flavors to ice cream flavors. License to print money :)


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