Sunday, September 11, 2022

DQ Cinnamon Roll Centers Blizzard Treat

[New for Sept 2022] We had a few hours to burn on Saturday, so we decided to stop at DQ and check out the new fall blizzard menu. I decided to go with the September blizzard of the month.

DQ Cinnamon Roll Centers Blizzard
soft cinnamon roll center pieces and brown butter cinnamon topping
blended in to vanilla soft serve

Not sure why I bother photographing blizzards some times :)

I dig in and... it's not clicking with me. These soft cube of something are prolific but not what I wanted. I adore cinnamon rolls and this flavor I have in front of me is not a flavor that I associate with a cinnamon roll.

See?  Look at all the bits I didn't even bother eating! I should be excited by my plethora of mix-ins, but instead I was quite annoyed by the time I got to the bottom of my $6 medium blizzard... sorry, me and the Mrs were thinking back to when a medium was under $4.

Speaking of the Mrs, she tried mixing a pumpkin blizzard with brownies and spent the entire time crunching on some very crunchy pie crust pieces. I don't think I've ever heard a blizzard make that much noise.

Back to those "center pieces" (LIES!). So I ate a couple by themselves (aka without softserve) and for whatever reason, they made me think of pizza dough. I think it was part texture and part flavor, but yeah, I do not like these bits.

So yeah, uninspired trip to DQ today. Boooooooooo.

DQ Warning: every blizzard is different, your mileage will vary!

Verdict?  not working for me
Buy Again?  nope


  1. I enjoyed this one as a cinnamon fiend

  2. On the pumpkin pie blizzard, do you think her mix ins were just old and stale? Or new formulation for the mix ins? I typically love the pumpkin pie blizzard and wait for it annually. Now you have me wondering. I also read another review of the cinnamon roll blizzard that said the same thing you did.

  3. Not sure, but I'm guessing will try again sometime in the next several weeks to verify. Really hoping it was a fluke.

  4. The pumpkin was disgusting! That was not pumpkin pie mixed in with the ice cream! Some type of crunchy thing…all I tasted was cinnamon! Never again!👎


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