Saturday, July 23, 2022

Van Leeuwan Summer Peach Crisp
Van Leeuwan Honey Cornbread

[New for 2022] Ooohhhh, why is it so hot? I live in New England because it's cooler in general. Being on day 5 of 8 of a heatwave isn't exactly encouraging me to eat ice cream (you would think the opposite, but I loose my appetite when it's this hot). That said, we do need to work through a backlog of reviews, so let's cover two more limited Van Leeuwen flavors.

Van Leeuwan Summer Peach Crisp Ice Cream
Van Leeuwan Honey Cornbread with Strawberry Jam Ice Cream

This is cornbread, and yeah, that is one creepy opening shot...

Despite not having enough strawberry flavoring for me personally, you can see that I kind of just blew through this first scooping. There definitely aren't a lot of cornbread flavored ice creams out there. I think I might need to get this one again and mix it with some strawberry ice cream.

On Second Scoop: This one is interesting with all it's cornbread flavoring and texture, but I really want more sweetness and flavor (and a little less dryness) to balance this one out. It is supposed to be a dessert after all.

The peach opening shot is alot better (if you like peach ofcourse!)

Look closely to see the "gluten-free oat crumble"

This is a good looking flavor, well, if the brightness of the peach swirl doesn't throw you off a little anyway. If I had my way, I'd want the peach flavor to be in the ice cream so that it's throwing off more of a peaches and cream vibe. On the first scooping, I find myself focusing a bit too much on the peach (and because I don't love peach, I just can't fall in love with it right now).

On Second Scoop: I liked the peach more on the second scooping as I got more used to it, but it's just not something I crave. I would love to see this approach taken with a fruity flavor that is bit more my speed. I would give these a shot if either cornbread or peaches strike your fancy. --- forgot to mention the crumble, sorry! Like the cornbread, the crumble has broken up quite a bit and diffused (not the right word) in to the ice cream. Need the bottom, every bite had a fairly even complexity added by the crumble. That said, I don't remember ever hitting a large hunk of it (aka it's not a hard, lumpy crumble).

Verdict?  different
Buy Again?  maybe


  1. So does the peach crisp flavor have mix-ins? Neither the pint nor your notes mention any, but if it’s really peach crisp I’m expecting some streusely bits!

    1. It is the worst I have ever had! Didn’t taste like peach at all n left a bad taste in my mouth! Yuck

  2. sorry about that, I updated the review.

  3. I really wanted to love the honey cornbread flavor, because I love sweet corn ice cream. It was lacking to me, though. The vanilla was such a bland base, and the cornbread pieces were, like you said, a little too dry. Maybe I need to suck it up and make my own version!


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