Monday, April 18, 2022

Luigi's Sweet Cream Churro Gelato

[New for April 2022] When I went to Price Chopper this morning, I was hoping to just find a few of my regular favorites. Never did I expect to find these new Luigi's gelato cups. According to the press release (here), "LUIGI’S Gelato fulfills a market need for portion-sized novelties in trendy international flavors." Granted, an ice cream serving is now 5+ oz instead of 4oz, but hey, whatever. Let's dive in to a 4oz cup of....

Luigi's Sweet Cream Churro Gelato
(unofficial description: sweet cream gelato with churro flavored ribbon)

I definitely didn't expect them to be that little... but I do see a lot of swirl.


I take my first bite and that swirl is potent! It's basically a cinnamon caramel swirl and there is a lot of it.... so so much of it for such a tiny cup. It's very fluid though, it's not thick or icy.

The gelato is decent enough, but I think it needs to temper a bit more.

Yeah, there's just too much flavorful swirl for this much gelato. I'm sure that seems counter-intuitive in a world were companies often skimp on swirls and mix-ins, but it's the truth.

Ya know, maybe I need to dump one of these on a waffle. If not that, than at the very least I'll probably be cutting this with some vanilla ice cream.

There are also Mint Chocolate and Italian Cannoli flavors
 ($4 a box for me - also, isn't "Italian  Cannoli" kind of redundant?)

On Second Scoop: Did a pancake sundae help? Yes and no. On the one hand I hate complaining about companies trying new things because I don't want to stifle creativity, but on the other hand, there's just something not right about these gelato cups. The texture is a bit off as is the flavoring. I want to say it's a good attempt, but it's just not clicking with me. Hopefully a few of you will try them and let us know what you think in the comments.

Final Note: Why do these flavors not have official descriptions? I don't like when companies do that.... actually, can I be super honest? The packaging bugs me. Sure, it got my attention, but not necessarily in a good way. I feel like I should be sticking these in my kid's lunchbox or something.

Verdict?  interesting but not for me
Buy Again?  unlikely

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  1. There should been churro pieces. Maybe if they want stick to gluten free: use crisped rice and glaze into churro flavoring.

  2. They are delicious!

  3. I tried the mint chocolate. Flavor is ok but the texture of the gelato is grainy. Not a fan.

    1. Did you get sick after eating the gritty mint gelato?

  4. My whole family loves the cannoli ones!! They are absolutely delicious

  5. the implication being that you did? sounds like you ate freezerburned ice cream that could have partially melted at some point. That's always a risky choice.

  6. I love the Sweet Cream Churro, if only I could can find it, please don’t tell me it’s been discontinued.


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