Saturday, April 23, 2022

Turkey Hill Dipped Duos

[New for 2022] I know I give Turkey Hill a lot of flack for their stuff not being as good as it use too, and this next product doesn't sound terribly fancy, but guess what? It's good!

Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean & Chocolate Dipped Duos
2 flavors of premium ice cream swirled together
and covered in rich milk chocolate

Oooo, fancy label! You know I approve!

Ok, not super huge, but technically bigger than a magnum bar.
I take a bite and I'm digging what they've done here. Nothing crazy mind you, just effective.

The shell isn't super sturdy, but it's got a nice milk chocolate flavoring that goes well with the ice cream inside. The magnum bar came across weird while this is just simple and effective (and not weird). I would take 1 box of these of 3 boxes of the magnum bars.

My only minor complaint: I wanted another one. If there were 4 in the box, I probably would have eaten 2 at a time. 210 calories just isn't super filling, but since it's an odd number in the box, I will just use these as a smaller snack.

Hahahahaha, shots fired! "we use premium ice cream in our novelties"... unlike a bunch of other junky novelties {cough} Unilever {cough} Blue Bunny {cough} Ok I'll stop now.

There's also a chocolate and peanut butter version if you are interested

On Second Scoop: I ate the second bar way too quickly. Gotta remember to savor the last one.

Verdict?  good!
Buy Again?  sure


  1. I had the Strawberry and Vanilla Bean, and I wasn't impressed. I didn't taste any strawberry flavoring at all. I was so disappointed.


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