Thursday, August 29, 2019

Dairy Queen Harvest Berry Pie Blizzard

[New for 2019] While Pumpkin Pie is the official blizzard of September 2019 (and probably October 2019 and November 2019), a new friend snuck on to the blizzard board as well. Sure, it feels like it should have been the July or August blizzard, and at first it feels like a riff on the now departed summer berry cake cupfection, but I love me a new blizzard so...

Dairy Queen Harvest Berry Pie Blizzard
raspberry, blackberries, blueberries and pie pieces
 blended in vanilla softserve (photo courtesy of DQ)

Long story short, my boss bought us blizzards today and I was pretty stoked. The only mild downside to this free blizzard was that I couldn't grab a good picture of it...

wow that's an uninspired photo....

Yeah, sorry, they used soda lids instead of blizzard lids so everything was smooshed, and then they all partially melted on the way back to the office, and then it's kind of hard to sneak a picture with people hanging about. I might actually go back just for a better photo but for now....

Overall, yeah, pretty tasty. I have two, nay three, important notes. One, no strawberries here, so they can't dominate this blizzard. Two, of the three berries, I picked up the tartness from the blueberries more than anything else. Three, and the most interesting of the points, these pie pieces seemed different than the usually pie pieces we get. I felt like I would get a big burst of cinnamon now and then. I feel like I don't get that from their regular graham crust chunks.

Would I get this one again? I'll say yeah. I do almost wish there was a little strawberry mixed in to balance out the tartness, but I'm pretty sure the urge to try this will strike again. Like I always say, fruity blizzards tend to be pretty good! (ok, that's not what I say but my brain just went POOF)

Note: there is a new cinnamon roll shake too. I wasn't sure if I was excited or terrified by the prospect of that...   [cake shakes are gone]

Verdict?  different
Buy Again?  probably!

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