Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Cado Avocado Frozen Dessert

Hey, can I post a review that's not really a review? Really, I can? Awesome, 'cause I keep trying to string some thoughts together on Cado but I just can't seem to do it. I'm too lazy to find the picture right now, but I think I first spied Cado at Wegman's two or three years ago. At the end of 2017, they unveiled their current packaging. For 2019, they added four new flavors: salted caramel, java chip, cherry amaretto, and vanilla bean.

Cado Avacado Frozen Dessert
Deep Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Bean

My son wanted to try the chocolate first, he always does.
(simply lemon and mint chocolate chip are the other original flavors)

Ok, so he ate a bit but the chocolate wasn't a huge hit.... 
Let's head back to the store and pick up the vanilla.

Whoa, that is some pretty serious shrinkage going on there...

Does he like the vanilla more? Yeah, I would say so. He always asks for chocolate first but then flips back to old reliable. Unfortunately (fake) ice cream has never truly been his thing, but we keep trying. It is what it is. His sister did convince to make sundaes with these so that was cool.

Would I eat these on my own? Nah, I'm too much of a purist, that, and I prefer that non-dairy oatmilk flavors we tried in the spring. I just prefer random flavors rather than classic flavors. I spend too much time comparing this vanilla to some nice all natural vanilla ice cream and there's no way for me to be happy in that scenario.

How about this, I tried these when we first opened them and said "not terrible". I just tried them again and my overriding thought is that the vanilla is too sweet and the chocolate is too... something (chalky? foamy? iunno), but hey, these aren't for me, they are for my son (and for context, we opened these on June 18th and it's now August 27th and they are still half full. they would be even more full if it hadnt been for the sundaes they made the other day).

So, there's my non-review.

For a real review, let's hope a few people have tried this and will leave a comment.

Buy Again?  only if requested


  1. Does your son have a go-to ice cream alternative or does he just stick to other snack foods rather than try to find a mediocre replacement?

  2. Cookies, he loves cookies! He likes salty snacks too. There's never been a non-dairy frozen treat that has really hooked him, he'd rather just go in to the cabinet and grab something. (all our snacks are nuts free, but he still has his own section of stuff that he picks from)

  3. I've had the lemon one and it's fine. No desire to purchase again though

  4. I just picked up the vanilla one last week at Wegs, but I haven't opened it up yet... I haven't been in an ice cream-y mood lately, I'm still on my summer kick of Richies italian ices haha. I think I'll crack this open tmrrw though...

  5. Ngl the lemon one is gross it bad I don’t recommend


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