Friday, August 23, 2019

Big Dipper Cookie Dough Company

Did I just spend 20 minutes taking pictures of free cookie dough samples? Why yes, yes I did. Sure, Bigger Dipper Cookie Dough Company's edible cookie dough may look like ice cream, and the flavors sound the ice cream, but it's actually spoonable egg free cookie dough and I didn't have to worry about it melting all over the place. Let's take a look at what arrived this week.

Big Dipper Cookie Dough Company - Edible Cookie Dough
Galatic Fusion - Rocket Chip - Super Cluster

There is also a fourth flavor called Monster Cookie which includes chocolate chips, oatmeal, coconut, and peanut butter. All flavors are all natural and you carry the "keep refrigerated" tag.

Disclaimer: Pints are available in stores and also on their website for $14.99 a piece, but these review samples were free. (technically you can buy a 2 gallon tub for $69.99 but I digress)

So my pints actually went in the freezer when they arrived (because every other free sample I get has always needed to go in the freezer). Big Dipper said that was fine. The samples got to defrost for 20 minutes while I took these pictures and then I had quick samplings of each. I sense potential, especially in the uniqueness of super cluster, but I'm going to let them sit in the fridge for 24 hours before officially reviewing them.

I'm back! Let's start with Rocket Chip which is a traditional chocolate chip cookie dough. I decided to snack on this one throughout the day. I like it, but I don't love it. As you know, I tend to be texture focused, and to me it's just a little too smooth. I want a little more texture pop. I will add the disclamer that maybe it got a little weird in the freezing process.

Next up is Galactic Fusion which is their take on Cookies & Cream... and you all know how much I love cookies & cream... unfortunately this isn't really cookies & cream. I was hoping my taste test was a fluke, but I just don't like this one. It's way too flat and boring. It tastes too much like flour and not enough like anything else. I love C&C but I have no urge to finish this one.

Last but not least is Super Cluster which is actually cherry chocolate chunk cookie dough. I had expected it to be red, but since these are all natural, they've skipped any kind of unnecessary food dye. This one made a good first impression and now that I try it a few weeks later.... yeah, the cherry factor definitely makes this one different. This one is kind of the opposite of Galactic Fusion because aiming for a flavor has made things more interesting.

Would I buy these in a store? Well, I guess that depends on the price. At $15, probably not but at half that it would be more tempting. Taking price out of it, and just basing my opinion on flavor and texture, I'd still go for cookie dough cafe first (even though they changed the product and it's not as good as it was). I really appreciate the free samples, but I'm afraid I'm not a convert to the brand just yet.

Verdict?  needs a little more pop
Buy Again?  probably not

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