Monday, December 31, 2018

Top Ten Reviews of 2018

Hello peoples who still visit the blog! Hehehehe. Yes, readership declined another 20+ percent here on ye olde blogging platform this year. Instagram continues to be the hot thing right now and it has it's own top nine thing, but I'm here to talk about where people landed when they get here. The tough part is that with less traffic, the difference between each spot can get pretty small. There's less than a 25% difference between the #1 spot and the #10 spot (back in the day the difference could be double or triple).

Technically the 9 spot is taken by much maligned Museum of Ice Cream and the 10 spot taken by the delightful Haagen-Daz honey flavor, but these are chased very closely by two Ben & Jerry's flavors, and then those are chased by another H-D flavor and then poor DQ trying to break back on to the list. (the three late season tubs didn't make the list)

#8: Coolhaus made's it's first top ten appearance last year and they follow that up with an appearance featuring the snazzy sounding Milkshake & Fries flavor. I didn't really understand it, but it doesn't mean that it doesn't grab peoples' attention.

#7: Magnum has their strongest showing ever this year with the introduction of their ice cream tubs in the U.S. This spot goes to their Milk Chocolate Vanilla flavor but there are more to come. The only flavor that doesn't show up is the hazelnut flavor because I never actually got around to reviewing it (because I just don't really get hazelnut)

#6: Nick may be off to conquer the ice cream & gelato world, but two of his reviews snuck in to the top ten (which seems ironic since none of his reviews were on the 2017 top ten list).  First up is Talenti's Almond Butter & Honey flavor.

#5: Nick's review of Halo Top Pancakes & Waffles brings us in to the top five reviews.

#4: My disappointment known as Ben & Jerry's Moo-phoria snags the 4 spot with my encounter with the P.B. Dough flavor.

#3: Magnum's White Chocolate Vanilla flavor snagging the 3 spot!

#2: Wait, my Arctic Zero light ice cream review steals the #2 spot?!?! What is going on here?

and the top review for 2018 by the slightest of margins is...

#1: Magnum's Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tub. Man, Magnum crushed the list this year. I'm not surprised it was a big deal, but I don't know if I expected it to be a HUGE deal.

Ok, time for you to pick a few favorites from 2018. Whattaya got?


Heartlover1717 said...

I haven't purchased novelties in a long while, and I rarely purchase pints (unless there is a GREAT sale and I have a coupon). Also, some "pints" are now 14 oz. and some "quarts" are now 28 oz. - this was bound to happen I suppose, since genuine "half gallons" (at 64 oz.) no longer exist.

All that to say that I feel that Turkey Hill has a hit with their Trio'politan containers (the Mint Cookie spends regular time in my house).


Brad Barratt said...

Sad to hear that readership declined. I still check out this site from time to time.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Heart: Glad you are enjoying Trio'politan! --- to get technical, H-D has been doing 14oz containers for a long time now and others do unfortunately follow suit on occasion (but thankfully not too much). The trend from 1/2 gallon to 1.75qt to 1.5qt was much more widespread

@Brad: yeah, been happening every year for the last... geez I don't even know now since most of my google analytics history got wiped out. Is what it is. Too many people prefer a quick image to a "lengthy" discourse.

Jacana28 said...

A faithful 9 year blog reader here.....I agree the Turkey Hill Trio'politan containers were definitely my favorite of the year at least the Mint and Chocolate Flavors.

I also noticed that Edy's/Dreyers brand disappeared from all of the grocery stores in my area (Baltimore, MD). Any idea as to why?

Dubba Scoops said...

@Jacana: that's weird about Edy's/Dreyer's! (It's still around here!)

Bulldoger said...

I check out this site every day! And I have for years. I’m just not a regular commenter but lately I’ve been better about it. I love your opinions and I miss Nick too. As for the top ten this None of them did anything for me. I buy pints exclusively, only the real full fat flavors, and I used to only buy B and J or Talenti with occasional HD. But lately I’m loving Coolhaus. Used to love Jeni’s and didn’t even mind the $$$ but something about them changed and I was disappointed too many times. Please keep up the good work!

Nick T said...

I also noticed that Edys is gone in my local store (I'm in Nj). Maybe it'll come back with the new 2019 products?

This year, I really enjoyed the honey almond and vanilla/caramel/white chocolate flavors from HD. I was also a fan of B&J's caramel cheesecake truffle flavor. All in all, I'm satisfied with 2018.

Oh, and happy new year!

Amanda said...

I am embarrassed to attach my name to this post, but I must admit, Dubba, I did not notice your fantastic Instagram pics until you mentioned it. This whole time you have been putting up with my way TLDR posts on your website--(which I have been visiting daily ever since I discovered it). I am old-school, so I'll keep checking in here for your in-depth discussions on the crucial subject of ice cream quality. However, now that I have been perusing your Instagram, that Bart's Ice Cream looks pretty interesting and I like the NY license plate.

@Jacana28: I don't know if your local grocers carry the Cedar Crest line, but they make a pretty good After Dinner Mint (Chocolate and Mint Flakes in White Mint Ice Cream) or a Mint Mackinac Island Fudge (Green Mint flavored Ice Cream with Chewy Fudge Pieces and Swirled with Butter Fudge Sauce). Or you can try "Playdough"--seriously, that's a flavor.

Deb said...

I was just in Florida and the Publix Premium ice cream (which is delicious!--well, the mint chocolate chip is...the regular chocolate chip is bland) is still a full half gallon! (And they don't even raise the price--it was on sale both weeks I was there for $3.00 for 64 oz!)

Sascha Bartels said...

And, my favorite bite of ice cream in 2018?

...... The one you didn't review, Magnum's Hazelnut. But unlike you, I'm a hazelnut freak.

Nick Rovo said...

Wow, how did I make the list twice?!? Irony that I’m now in a competing brand against one of those brands. I’ll be making the list next year but in a different way;)

Bulldoger, thanks for the kind words. I miss the site and everyone so much. Hope you all enjoy what I have in store for the freezer isle in 2019!

Dubba Scoops said...

So many comments! :)

@Bulldoger: Oh geez, yeah, I didn't really love any of the top ten either, did I? Also, I need to pony up some cash and get a few Jeni's pints on the blog.

@Nick T: no Edy's in your area either? That's weird. Also, H-D did a nice job this year, I hope they have something to offer us in 2019 besides the new alcohol inspired flavors.

@Amanda: I only see Bart's at Roche Bros (and Whole Foods I think though I never go to whole foods anymore). Yeah, Nick's license plate is pretty cool.

@Deb: really? I feel like the only 1/2 gallons I see now are super cheap budget brands.

@Sascha: HAHAHAHA! I tried to make myself review but I just couldn't do it :)

@Rovo: still can't spell aisle right.

Nick Rovo said...

Dubba, I’ve learned nothing apparently. I miss having you proofread my stuff😂

Dubba Scoops said...

HAHAHAHA, sorry, couldn't resist

Deb said...

Yep! The cartons looked huge!!!!

Kevin said...

Sad to see readership decline! Glad you are still doing reviews. Found your site from listening to the Nosh Show, sad to see it had ended but at least you guys are (mostly) still doing your own things!