Sunday, June 10, 2018

Big Gay Ice Cream - American Globs

[New for 2017] I wasn't really sure in what order I would be trying all the Big Gay ice cream flavors, but let's just say that I've kept an eye on both prices and the dates on the pints and this one had just been put on the store shelf, plus it has my favorite crunchy snack: pretzels.

Big Gay Ice Cream - American Globs
malted sweet cream ice cream with fudge-covered salted pretzel balls,
fudge-covered pretzel pieces & a fudge swirl

Looks decent if not amazing to start. To be specific, I would like to see a bit more fudge swirl bouncing around here as it looks a bit scattered and thin in this shot. Let's see what happens.

The most impressive part of this ice cream is that the pretzel bits are very crunchy (and indeed salty!). I don't know if it's on purpose or not, but if feels like the salty grit of the pretzels has infiltrated the ice cream as well. For the most part that is a cool thing, but I would really like to see more of a fudge factor to balance out that salty pretzel flavoring.

That said, yes, this is supposed to be malted sweet cream and we don't want to drown that out, but I'm not really getting any malt vibe on this first scooping. I mean, maybe it's there, but it's inseparable from the pretzel flavoring. That's why I am hoping for a bit more of a fudge factor. (every so many bites, you do get a bite with a certain different flavoring, but I can't really describe it, it's kind of buttery)

I finish the first third or so of the pint and I definitely like it. Pretzels need love too and it's nice to see them be the most prominent factor here. I'll be curious to see how I feel after I do a few more tastings.

On Second Scoop: This flavor is definitely growing on me with each sampling. It's what I would deem a good snackable pint. You just get the urge to snack on it whenever the chance arrives (like probably in about two minutes). A pint like this is just great to crack open, grab several pretzel filled bites, and then try to put it back to make sure there is more for later. Is it perfect? Maybe not. Would I love a bit more fudge swirl? Ofcourse.Would I love the base to either be stronger or maybe taste more like brown sugar? Probably.... wait, I just described Gelato Fiasco's Sunken Treasure didn't I? Anyway, the point is that it is still enough crunchy fun that I say try it at least once. [and yes, I finished the last bit of the bite after I wrote that last sentence]

Verdict?  pretzels!
Buy Again?  yup

Allergy note: may contain peanuts and tree nuts


saffytaffy said...

I really enjoy this flavor, too, and enjoyed it so much that I actually went back to get the birfdae cek despite your unenthusiastic review (you were right, it was meh). Glad you liked it, too, because you can never tell if you just happen to get a "good pint" or whatever

Dubba Scoops said...

Have you tried any others? (i'm not sure which one to grab next)

Anonymous said...

I think you should do "Friend Of Dorothy" next, which, if I'm remembering right has caramel swirls and Nilla wafer chunks but no banana anywhere.

Now there's something you don't see everyday : an ice cream with Nilla wafers that's not a riff on banana pudding.

Unknown said...

This ice cream is delicious!