Saturday, March 31, 2018

Turkey Hill Triple Chocolate Trio'politan Ice Cream

[New for 2018] So there are five new Trio-politan flavors from Turkey Hill this year. We've already covered the Mint one (which my daughter had me repurchase already) and the all natural one (review coming soon), so let's look at the most chocolatey of the bunch.

Turkey Hill Triple Chocolate Trio'politan Ice Cream
milk chocolate ice cream with fudge swirl, dark chocolate ice cream,
and chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips

chips call me more than swirls

I need to just come out and say that I ate this first scooping too quickly. I just didn't try to seperate the three chocolates like I should have. I just kind of dug in and let them mix. That said, what stood out most was that familiar milk chocolate flavor that I discovered in the gertrude hawk flavor. That probably sounds mundane, but when I say milk chocolate, I really mean chocolate milk or better yet chocolate milkshake flavoring. It's a near trick and it's always a fun flavor to dig in to. Actually, you could probably even think of it as a bit of a chocolate malt flavor. It has that little bit of extra pop to it.

Other thoughts? I want more chocolate chips! I don't usually dig the tiny chips but they seemed to work here for whatever reason. No thoughts on the swirl yet as it kind of got mixed in (I want to say I tasted it amongst four other chocolates but will hold off for now).

In reality, this is penta-chocolate, not triple chocolate. Kind of crazy right? Basically you really need to be in a chocolate mood when digging in to this one.

On Second Scoop: I'm not real sure what to say other than that this is a fun chocolate flavor. I haven't been having any giant bowls of it but rather have just been snacking on it here and there. It's just nice. I wouldn't eat the chocolate swirl by itself (it's too potent) but that's not really any issue in general. I still like the tiny chips here because they match the flavors and textures. I like that the one side has a chocolate malt vibe to it or maybe even a little 3 musketeers vibe to it. It's enjoyable and you should try it when the chocolate mood hits.

Verdict?  chocolatey
Buy Again?  sure


Danielle said...

This is the only one I have yet to find. Coco Loco was hands down my fav, Americone Dream the worst

EndlessUniverse said...

Turkey Hill has really stepped their game up in recent years, it seems.

Dubba Scoops said...

HA! They were always in the game, they just didn't have the nationwide coverage like some other brands. Note: I'm obliged to say this because I've been eating TH since I was a little kid :)

EndlessUniverse said...


As a kid I remember not liking TH much, but the flavors were more limited back then from what I remember. Perhaps it was a regional thing, as you've pointed out.

Dubba Scoops said...

I remember my first half gallon of cookies & cream ice cream, it was from Turkey Hill and we bought it from a WaWa on the way home. This is back in the days when they had the little clear window in the container. I remember it being good back then and a bit more exciting then the chocolate or vanilla (or neopolitan) that we would get from Breyers. (eventually I started buying that "crazy" Breyers flavor know as Rocky Road hehehehe)

That said, I guess it depends when you are looking. Take 2008 for example when they had Stuff'd, Dynamic Duos, and a light chocolate pretzel flavor. (I'm trying to remember their 2000 lineup when they first came to central new england)

Unknown said...

I am going to have the ice cream tonight had it before and fell in love with it as I love love chocolate. This time however I am crushing almond biscotti over the top of the ice cream

Mark said...

I finally got around to trying this, thanks to Aldi having it for a really cheap price. I didn't think I was going to like it because I don't like dark chocolate, but I really enjoyed it. The milk chocolate with the fudge swirl was my favorite part, as it reminded me of a chocolate milkshake, just as you described. The chocolate chips add texture and even more chocolate depth. Turkey Hill was trying to make this a chocolate overload and they succeeded.