Monday, March 5, 2018

Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie Squares

[2018-2021] Time to dig in to some more free Haagen-Dazs samples! They've got two new cookie squares this year (think super premium bunny snacks) and I'm about to try the non dulce de leche version. Fingers crossed that the cookie layer is awesome!

Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie Squares
chocolate cookie topped with vanilla ice cream, dipped in dark chocolate

Hey, where's the ol' leopard print?

It's basically the same size as you see on the box.

The box doesn't say it, but the Haagen-Dazs website gets more specific and says it's a "dark chocolate" cookie which I am happy to report that it basically tastes like a brownie. It's good. The shell is quality chocolate as well. I can't get super in to how dark / bitter it is on the first testing, but it was good.

Is the overall treat good? Ofcourse it is. Come on now. Would I personally like just a small tweak to it? Maybe. Using a chocolate ice cream would probably be too much, but I wish they could accentuate the brownie vibe just a little more. I couldn't tell if I wanted a cookies & cream ice cream inside, but then I thought maybe chocolate chip, then I thought "wait, they make brownies a la mode ice cream, let's get that inside this treat!"

Ok, time for you to grab a box and let me know what you think. I'll probably be grabbing one of these for breakfast tomorrow (cause I can't help myself).

On Second Scoop: Can I tell you a kind of behind the scenes secret? The downside to going for something like the cut view photo above means that I have to eat the treat in a less than ideal way. In other words, it can gently skew your opinion of a product which is why I often tend to do that photo in the follow scooping (or if there are enough treats in a box, the cut up sample doesn't get reviewed at all, it gets eaten later). I bring this up because I definitely enjoyed this one more the second time around. It was good yesterday, but it was better today (and yes, I did actually have it for breakfast). My goal was to focus on that cookie flavoring and it helped me enjoy this treat even more. If you see this, don't be afraid to pick it up.

Verdict?  tasty
Buy Again?  yup


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

A lot of companies seem to be putting out more ice cream bar products lately, no? Now I'm waiting for Klondike to announce they're going to start making pints or something, haha. Although I know the reverse is already happening with other companies too, like Yasso and Magnum.

Dubba Scoops said...

I'd have to run the numbers, but I think we are seeing more creativity with bars rather than straight up more company doing bars (but again, I'd have to do the math on it)

Klondike pints would be hysterical!

ibagoalie said...

The de leche version is fabulous!

TheIcon said...

I still think companies like Ben & Jerrys are missing out on the sandwich thing. I think they should take there classic flavors and implement them into a ice cream sandwich.

Half Baked - Brownie Cookie with vanilla/chocolate Cookie Dough ice cream middle
Cherry Garcia - Fudge Cookie with Cherry ice cream
Chunky Monkey - Chocolate Cookie with Walnuts and banana ice cream

Dubba Scoops said...

@TheIcon: several European countries have the Ben & Jerry's ice cream 'wich available in cookie dough and chocolate fudge brownie versions (no, def not as lively as your suggestions)

Anonymous said...

I see that the cookies contain dutch cocoa *and* molasses in them so they should taste like the chocolate cookies that Ben & Jerry's uses for "Chocolate Therapy" and "Boom Chocolatta".

Which means that they'll be awesome.

Cannot wait to try them.

Anonymous said...

I wish Haagen Dazs would offer more of their bars and squares in the smaller snack size. I always want to try them out, but the serving size gives me pause since I’d rather have less ice cream more frequently than an occasional full size treat.

Gandydancer said...

If the Its-It/Klondike knockoffs are the same size as pictured, there's room for four in the box. How much are they saving by giving you only three?

Dubba Scoops said...

funny, yeah, technically they cheated by putting a square treat in a rectangular pouch