Sunday, March 18, 2018

Blue Bunny Vanilla Fudge Brownie Bunny Snacks

[New for 2018] Hey, did you ever see those holiday edition peppermint bark bunny snacks? Well, I never did but... well, there are four new bunny snacks joining the original four from 2017. We're getting chocolate hazelnut, mint chocolate twist, strawberry cheesecake, and....

Blue Bunny Vanilla Fudge Brownie Bunny Snacks
vanilla flavored reduced fat ice cream topped with a layer of brownie batter
& brittle pieces covered with a milk chocolaty coating and candy drizzle

Clear but branded wrapper....looks pretty small in there.

Ok, two things I want to bring up on the first testing. One, WHOA is the brownie batter layer potent. I don't think it balances out well with the rest of the treat at all. There's just too much of it in comparison to the rest of the treat. Plus, it's fairly gooey and some gritty texture may help here which brings us to point #2. Where are my brownie brittle bits? You can't just show something on the package and then not include it. I can't help but think that the brittle could have added some much needed contrast to the overbearing fudge layer.

So yeah, not impressed with my first testing. I should probably point out that the brownie layer is really just thick fudge more than anything else. I can't say I got a brownie vibe from it at all (again, a better texture might help convey that concept).

On Second Scoop: Hey, this one has a spot of brittle bits in it! I start my bites there but it doesn't take long for the batter layer to start overwhelming me again. I just don't like when treats bowl you over with potentness like that. I actually took the brownie layer off my last big bite and confirmed that there's just not enough going on in the rest of the treat. The vanilla is very mild as is the chocolate shell. The gist is that the base treat is similar to a klondike bar but without any klondike chocolate pop. I would skip these unless you really really want to try them (on sale).

Verdict?  strong but not in the right way
Buy Again?  nope, I'm good


Anonymous said...

Blue Bunny seems to be really slow in my area. Things either never hit my stores, or they come out months after they are released elsewhere. I have yet to see the cookie butter flavor. Honey Bunny hit my local stores about 9 months after others posted it. Perhaps cookie butter will be the same?

I was disappointed with the ice cream treats that came out last year, so I don't think I will rush to try these, even if I do see them. If I do try them, I think I would go for the mint.

Anonymous said...

I tried these a couple of weeks ago, and while I wouldn't buy them again (mainly because they are WAY overpriced even when "on sale") I disagree with you on the brownie component being too strong.

Mine wasn't strong enough. And I think a sweet dark dutch chocolate shell would've been better than milk chocolate.

There was something else very distinctive and different that I also tasted :

Cocoa Puffs.

Yeah, the so-called "brownie brittle" tasted exactly like crushed cocoa puffs to me.

That was very unexpected, but good.

I think this flavor would be better as a 48 ozer with a vanilla bean base (as opposed to just vanilla) brownie batter swirls and even that funny cocoa puff element.