Sunday, February 11, 2018

Magnum Milk Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream

[New for 2018] Ok, you know the basics of these Magnum pints by now. It's chocolate on top and on the sides plus chocolate layers mixed in. It's like H-D Trio but with less dense ice cream.

Magnum Milk Chocolate Vanilla Tub
vanilla ice cream and milk chocolate shards
in a cracking milk chocolate shell

Seal removed, time to...

...squeeze to crack.

You know what's weird? This reminds me way too much of the white chocolate pint. That pint was crazy sweet in this kind of odd buttery way and that oddness is back again. Apparently a chunk of that weird is from the base vanilla ice cream and not just the white chocolate. To be honest (and possibly overly critical), that odd sweetness is kind of annoying.

That said, the oddness didn't stop me from inhaling half the pint. Chowing down on chocolate is chowing down on chocolate, even if the overall product is flawed. I just think this product line accentuates what's wrong with the ice cream in Magnum ice cream, where as their double layer bars accentuate how much fun their chocolate can be. If you need a fun chocolate fix, this will do, but I don't see myself picking any of these tubs up again.

On Second Scoop:  Yeah, I was annoyed from bite one. I just couldn't focus on the chocolate instead of the ice cream. I enjoy it to some degree, but the oddness of the base is just too distracting when you factor in how many calories you are inhaling. I wound up sharing the rest with my wife to see what she thought and she said it was fine but probably not worth buying again.

Verdict?  fun but flawed
Buy Again?  nah


  1. On a separate note, I was at Stop & Shop earlier and saw the new Breyers 2-in-1, which I know you’ve talked about. I also saw Turkey Hill Triopolitan?? Flavors didn’t excite me too much (aside from the triple chocolate), but at least seemed different and probably will intrigue some

  2. Well, I figured you were off your rocker when you first reviewed these a month ago, now I have confirmation. Finally got these in stores and immediately tried the White Chocolate Vanilla and the Chocolate Hazelnut, and they are everything I wanted them to be. To me, the Magnum ice cream is a perfect complement to the Magnum chocolate, which was out of this world. Of all the mainstream "high end" pints on the shelf right now, there might be a couple of flavors from Talenti, HD and B&J I'll occasionally prefer, but these are definitely my new go to.

  3. @Eric: I havent mentioned it, but yeah, there are several Triopolitan flavors hittings store shelves soon (I had two different people email me pictures of them in NYC)

    @Sascha: you're just realizing I'm crazy now? Where have you been? That said, i think your crazy! hehehehe. Hey, if you like them, more power to you. A product doesn't make it to market without passing some kind of testing. There is a group of people for every product. That said, I still stand by my thoughts on this line up. Magnum ice cream (not their chocolate) has never been as good as the other super premium brands. I'm glad you liked it though, I have no problem with that. Hopefully others will find it and add their two cents as well.

  4. looks delicious.....
    but Magnum ice cream with that packaging is not yet in Indonesia. I am very sad :(
    In Indonesia, Magnum just release the packaging stick.

  5. I tried both the White Chocolate Vanilla and the Milk Chocolate Vanilla and I have to say both flavors taste HORRIBLE! The vanilla ice cream base and the chocolate shell have a funny taste to them. It tastes nothing like the Magnum bars, I enjoy the Vanilla and the Oreo. This ice cream cannot even compare or come close to Haagen-Daz Chocolate Trio flavor, that is my favorite!


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