Thursday, January 4, 2018

Hood Purple Panda Ice Cream

[New for 2018] Hood is pretty good about spitting out a limited edition flavor right at the beginning of the year and 2018 is no exception. Based on the name and general setup, I'd say this is at least a vague shot at Friendly's Purple Potamus ice cream.

Hood Purple Panda Ice Cream
artificially flavored black raspberry reduced fat ice cream
with a thick fudge swirl, chocolate chips and white confections

If that description scares you a bit, it should. Artificial flavor and reduced fat joining forces is never a good thing. I take one bite and realize that I should have saved my money. Uggg, the raspberry flavoring is not enjoyable, nor is the product in general.

Sorry, it may look decent or tempting, but it makes a lousy first impression. Even all tiny chips and bits are just annoyances. I hate tiny hard bits. Bleck.

So yeah, terrible first impression and not a good edition to the New England Creamery line up. Fingers (skeptically) crossed for round two.

On Second Scoop: Oh I hate this ice cream. The flavor is wrong, the texture is wrong, and I don't even want to finish the serving. Just do yourself a favor and avoid this one. ---- Foot Note: The only way to tolerate this one is to do a 50/50 mix with some plain chocolate ice cream.

Verdict?  terrible
Buy Again?  NO!

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Unknown said...

I think this flavor is awesome... please keep this around for a little bit longer.... also, could you bring back plain chocolate chip