Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Friendly's Purple Potamus Ice Cream

[Note: this was released at Purple Cow ice cream at the beginning of 2012]

[New for early 2017] Continuing with the limited edition animal silliness that is the turtle on Turtle Sundae and the elephant on Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel, Friendly's would like to introduce us to a purple hippopotamus with their new....

Friendly's Purple Potamus Ice Cream
Mixed berry (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry) ice cream
with chocolate flavored chunks

Sure looks like black raspberry ice cream.

If you've ever wanted your black raspberry ice cream to be chewy and full of chocolate chips, then this ice cream is for you. If you prefer a more traditional black raspberry flavor, look elsewhere.

Yeah, I've got nothing to say here. It's not terrible but it doesn't connect me to the wonderful black raspberry ice creams of my youth. It's just the bleck of cheezy ice cream that we get today.

On Second Scoop: I tried to snag a small serving that was mostly chocolate free so I could get a better sampling of the base. There is definitely a distinct strawberry flavoring mixed in, so that's nice that you can actually tell the difference. That said, this one is boring me. Friendly's black raspberry ice cream is a very distinct (and tasty) part of my childhood and I just can't settle for something like this. Yes, the gist is the same, but the texture is not. It's not super gummy, but it doesn't have that wonderful sweetness and creaminess it did so long ago. I'm sorry, but I just can't shake my bias on this one.

Verdict?  not terrible
Buy Again?  nah


2c5751ca-f142-11e4-8c2c-73a49f720d67 said...

Out of curiosity, Did Friendly's used to make their ice cream differently in the mid 90s? I remember how Forbidden Chocolate (Its so good they had to forbid it!) was the greatest thing ever to 8 year old me, but maybe they've changed their ingredients or process since then, like Breyers for example

Dubba Scoops said...

They've slowly been edging their way to frozen dairy dessert status. Items like their Sundae Xtreme flavors have been FDD for awhile now and now their "premium" stuff has been relying less on the good stuff and more on gums and such.

My early Friendlys memories are late 80s stuff where we would head down to the local Friendlys and I would get a cone of either Black Raspberry or Rocky Road. Both were amazing at the time. It's one of my earliesrt memories of trying new ice cream flavors (along with my first memories of trying Turkey Hill Cookies & Cream ice cream)

Anne Sutton said...

My earliest memories are also in the 80s. As a kid, we loved a good Friendly frank and happy ending sundae. The ice cream seemed like it tasted better then. I did see a coupon for a new Friendly's sundae flavors. Looks intriguing...

Please do a review of the new Sonic custard! I don't know why they can't just say pick your custard base and mix in instead of pairing them up for the customer though.

Dubba Scoops said...

It was definitely better back then! Also, I have one of the new sundae containers in my freezer, we just haven't cracked it open yet.

Between my fear of letting my son eat at nut filled Sonic and just the general distance to actually get to sonic, I don't foresee heading there anytime soon. (they used to send gift cards which negated the cost & time to get there, but they don't anymore).

Chloe said...

I have to say that I have been a Friendly's ice cream eater since I was a child, and lately I have been very disappointed in the decline of quality. However, this flavor was intriguing to me and I loved it! I think I'm on my 3rd carton since it came out. It reminds me of black raspberry, but with a little something extra. I dunno, I just feel like Friendly's redeemed themselves a little bit in my book with this one.

Dubba Scoops said...

Yeah, the strawberry definitely adds something different to this one, so I understand the repurchase (especially since it's limited edition).

I really do wish Friendlys would stop the overall decline though. I've sampled their "all natural" lineup and it's still food science and quite gummy. [Hey, even breyers makes a half decent flavor now and then, I did enjoy their new chocolate mint flavor]

R.P. Rosen said...

I just finished a container of this and am definately going to get more. I LOVED it.