Sunday, July 16, 2017

Turkey Hill Blueberry Ice Cream

[New for 2017] Disclaimer: blueberry ice cream is not my thing. Ok, I say that about a lot of things, but it's just not something I gravitate towards unless there is an x-factor like pie crust bits. That said, I wanted to try at least one more of the new flavors in Turkey Hill's all natural line up.
(Note: this line up is what I eat when I'm not eating/reviewing something new).

Turkey Hill All Natural Blueberry Ice Cream
blueberry ice cream

I scraped the lid after taking this shot and decided to make myself a shake because it seemed to have a fairly mild flavor. I wound up getting the ratios wrong but the milkshake was decent if a bit too weak. Sorry that the color looks different in each picture, the next one is probably most accurate.

Fast forward to a real serving, albeit a small one. Well, there's no mistaking that it's a blueberry flavor. The only problem is that I have no urge to eat plain blueberry ice cream. I want it to have some sugar crumble or pie crust or granola bits or anything. I don't know how to eat blueberry ice cream.... WHOA, just had a huge flashback to eating blueberry smurf yogurt. That's what this is though, it's a good blueberry yogurt, just colder (and with better texture).

To summarize the gibberish. It's a fine blueberry ice cream, I just have no urge to eat plain blueberry ice cream.... it'd probably be really good on a donut tomorrow morning...

On Second Scoop: Oh my was this good on a donut. It went so very well together. The strawberry sauce and Trix crumbs helped round things out. This was an absolutely delightful breakfast sundae. I may be eating the rest of the container like this.

Verdict?  everything as expected
Buy Again?  not really my thing


Danielle said...

I'm def gonna try it bc I love this line, but salted caramel is still my all time fav from the all natural line up

Nick T said...

Your breakfast sundae makes me want someone to make a blueberry cake donut flavor. Ben and Jerry's should get on that.