Monday, May 8, 2017

State of the Freezer Address - 9 Years Edition

Hey everyone! I had every intention of writing a nice long post about my anniversary but unfortunately the fates aligned and it's now past my bedtime and I need to get going. I could blame my poison ivy or the increased workload from my boss being out of town, but that's just the tip of the ice cream berg. (I'm so tired, I literally wrote cream instead of berg).

This is the chest freezer as best I could arrange it and if the choices look lopsided, well, price chopper was having a good sale on both Turkey Hill and Ben & Jerry's. The upstairs freezer isn't much to look at right now.

Just know that I appreciate all of you who have stuck with me all of these years and hopefully I'll add some more words to this in the morning. Good night!


Hello! I'm back! For those wondering what else is in the freezer (aka the review queue): More Gelato Fiasco samples! More Perry's samples! also Friendly's reviews (one of which will be nice and negative), and at least two Blue Bunny reviews though hopefully more if I can find a good place to get their new flavors.

Keeping an eye on my instagram account will hopefully give you a heads up about what's coming down the review pipe though technically you can follow on twitter or tumblr if you prefer those platforms (Facebook is just used for when reviews go live but sometimes uses my instagram photos for the links). My anniversary post on instagram pushed me over 3000 followers so that was a pretty cool anniversary present.

As for an update on the 2017 ice cream season, well, it's looking kind of over from this side of the aisle. If you check the product guide, you'll see that I've already covered most of what I wanted to cover at this point. I think I've mentioned before that I'm not spending money on stuff I know I will most likely hate, so anything with booze, coconut, or coffee basically. In the past I may have tried to cover them anyway but what's the point really?

That said, I don't know what the rest of the year has in store for OSS. Website traffic is down over 20% for the second year in a row which means that the site is now running below 2012 traffic levels. I don't do this for the traffic, I do it for the love of the industry, but that hurts. An old fashion blog about ice cream, no matter how long lived, just doesn't fit as well in our modern picture-based smartphone society. I kind of think that the website needs to have an accompanying app but who knows if I can pull that off (though I do have a rough idea in my mind of what I would like it to do).

Oh, one more thing, always remember to be awesome to each other, this includes being nice to the ice cream companies. I worry very much that we live in a world where we think every flavor from a company should be designed to suit our specific needs but we are all very different people. Going forward (and for the last several months), I've been trying to reinforce the difference between a good product and a product that clicks with me. I don't know if I'm doing a very good job with this mission, but I will keep working on it. I've learned a lot in the last nine years but that doesn't mean the battle to be a better reviewer will ever end. (hey, no snide remarks about my writing not improving in 9 years).

Ok, be well and scoop on!


  1. I have been checking this website almost daily for new reviews for 6 years or so now. That poison ivy sounds awful, but me, and I'm sure many others, want to know more about what's in that freezer.

  2. 9 years! Ive been coming here for a full 5 years now. You are basically standing by yourself now as the sole major ice cream blog! The Ice Cream Informant was always a strong competitor, but that site is virtually dead now. I think the owner lost interest.

  3. I don't know how you do it. If I kept that much ice cream in my freezer for more than a couple of days, well lets just say I couldn't. LOL I admire your discipline.

    My freezer right now: a large bag of mixed greens that is more ice than vegetable and 3 sticks of butter. No joke.

    I think about ice cream every six seconds so I'm glad I found someone who shares the love. Thank you for taking the bullet on a lot of those "frozen dairy desserts". You put your tastebuds on the line so we don't have to

  4. I'm going to feel so old when your kids head off to college.

  5. @Liz: thanks!

    @Kristina: stand by!

    @D: ha! I've outlasted more than just him, I've seen so many come and go.

    @aol: when all else fails, buy a smaller ice cream bowl :)

    @Anon: you and me both!

  6. Ice cream bowl. The idea is so foreign to me that I really feel like a pig now :)

  7. Dub,

    Small suggestion to increase traffic:

    Bring in another reviewer to cover the premium brands your aren't currently covering like Salt & Straw, Ample Hills, Little G, etc.

  8. You are awesome, we appreciate you! Never tried booze-flavored ice cream, though I've had a mudslide or two in the day....
    Thanks for all that you do!

  9. I'm relatively new to your blog but I want you to know you're the first place I check for new ice cream and also I read about limiteds I missed in the past. :)

    I hope you like the new Blue Bunnies! I jumped on the Honey Bunny even though no one has reviewed it and really enjoy it! Hoping to try the others as well.

  10. @aol: when I was having trouble with portion control, I used a half cup measuring cup as my serving size. Made a half gallon last way longer!

    @Anon#2: the thought crosses my mind, though I enjoy my focus on the freezer aisle, plenty of folks covering the higher end stuff on instagram. we'll see though!

    @Laura: thanks!

    @Libby: patiently waiting for that one to show up in my area! Maybe Hannaford has it.

  11. My chest freezer only has ice cream treats in it! It's absolutely stuffed too......If it dies, I'm filing an insurance claim!

  12. Love this blog! I've been reading since summer 2010! I always check in nightly while I am eating my evening cup of ice cream.

  13. If Ben and Jerrys comes out with a Beer-infused Coconut Espresso flavor, you have to promise to review it.

  14. Long time lurker/reader, first time commenter, just stopping in to say that your blog is great and you contribute a tremendous amount to both the internet community and the Nosh show. Keep on trying, reviewing, and making milkshakes of the ice cream fails.

    PS - should you ever want to outsource to a coffee ice cream reviewer, I would happily take that bullet.

  15. Excited for those friendlys reviews, I am on the west coast so there are none of those nearby. I remember years ago when you went and got that crazy looking peanut butter fudge sundae from there, that made me jealous.


    That is sad that your traffic is down. I have transitioned over from browsing the site on my laptop to my phone, and I have no issues with browsing the site on my phone. I like the mobile site.

  16. Been reading your blog since at least 2013/14? Think you're awesome! If you wanted someone to write reviews for West Coast products I'd be happy to do so. I know you're back East and there's a few things we get that you don't!

  17. I don't need flash or a new app to keep reading!

  18. Happy Anniversary to you and Nick! I think I've been reading for the entire 9 years so now I'm really feeling old! In reading through your comments I laughed because I eat my ice cream in a half cup measuring cup but have been known to go back to the half gallon afterwards for some more ;) Please keep on blogging, I check your website daily and look forward to your reviews!

  19. Congrats on 9 years! I think I've been reading since about year 2. I'll echo what other have said. Please keep it going. I always enjoy reading your reviews. You have created quite the archive that no one has matched. You provide much more than what we can get from looking at pictures on Instagram. Thanks for your work!

  20. [got distracted/busy yesterday, time to catch up!]

    @Erin: variety is a wonderful thing!

    @Jacana: cool!

    @Capn: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (I'm with Sascha that it belongs next to junky breyers gelato)

    @Jennifer: thanks!

    @Kristina: yeah, Friendlys made some killer in store sundaes, always loved going there as a kid. It seems that about 20% of people view from their device (mostly iPads) so I worry about people like you still getting an enjoyable blog experience.

    @Anon#3: thanks!

    @bryn: not too fancy? I can do that!

    @D: Thanks for sticking around so long!

    @NoCode: Thanks! OSS is definitely a one of a kind archive :)

  21. I hope it's not too late to add to the love, but Dubba, OSS is great. Your reviews are both helpful and entertaining, and I have no problem accessing them on any kind of device. I haven't been around all 9 years, but I hope to be here for the next 9!

  22. @Nick: never too late, thank you!

  23. Although I do not read every review, I sincerely appreciate you writing this blog! You inspire many of my purchases (and my additional 10 pounds, but I don't hold it against you ;-) ) Keep it up!

  24. Sucks about your traffic. Have you considered giving youtube/video reviews a whirl? Not necessarily to supplant your written reviews, but as a supplement to them? People love to look at food and even moreso see other people eating it.

  25. I'll be honest, I hate watching people eat food with few exceptions (I do watch a little diners, drive-ins and dives on friday night)

  26. youv'e been doing this a long time. I admir you continuing to write a blog in the day and age when everyone is stuck staring at their little phone screens. I believe we should be doing more reading which includes blogs and books. I also think you continue to do this because you truly enjoy reviwing, tasting and commenting on ice cream. Tis is also a creative outlet for you. I do think the app based idea would be excellent if your serious about innovating. I also appreciate you saying people need to be nice to the ice cream venders lol. I love ice cream myself and even though it sounds like your thinking if you should continue with the site take a moment and ask yourself if doing this still brings you any type of joy. If it does then thats great because anything that brings us joy in a world full of negativity we have to hold on to. Great job on the blog and please email me if your semi serious on your app idea i'd love to hear more.

  27. Thanks Frank! I have an decent idea of what I would want to do with the app by bring together a couple of different ideas but I can't seem to shake the rust off my coding skills. I've done BASIC, Pascal, C and then eventually HTML and a bit of PHP so you can see my skills are a bit outdated.


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