Saturday, October 3, 2015

Target Simply Balanced Cinnamon Ice Cream

[2015-2016] Now today's flavor has been sitting in my freezer since I tried Archer Farms Strawberry Blondie. I know I should have tried it sooner but the mood just never hit. I made the mistake of buying the most unique of the new flavors, but when you do that, you risk not actually wanting it for awhile. Well, it's kind of late and instead of eating a really dense ice cream, let's go with something that is only 65g per serving (and kind of feels like an empty pint).

Target Simply Balanced Cinnamon Ice Cream

They got the looks right, well, of the ice cream anyway (for some reason the dark turquois on white doesn't work for me, but whatever). I see lots of cinnamon and oh yeah do I smell it too. Please don't be gritty, please don't be gritty!

Oh, ewwww, that's not good at all. The flavor is part fireball but it's not all the way there so it comes off really strange. It like burns but doesn't burn. Oh man, I have to take another bite don't I?

Man, that is just terrible. It's like licking a cinnamon stick, and I don't mean a pastry, I mean a literal cinnamon stick. There's even a dryness to it. Man that's bad.

I think I would rather suck on a piece of cinnamon covered cardboard. I can't even enjoy the fact it's all natural because it's so light and gummy. Literally. Just look at all the air ripples in there, and the ice cream bends as you try and scoop it. The skim milk and double gum combo makes for a Breyer's gelato-like texture and I do not like it at all. What a horrible first impression.

On Second Scoop: Alright, I'm back and I've scooped again with severely lowered expectations. It's not completely horrible, but I am immensely disappointed (and apparently I feel like using big words this morning). I do not like the cinnamon balance at all. Sitting in the upstairs freezer overnight has seemed to have mellowed and balanced things a little, plus I was ready for the shock this time, but they landed the cinnamon balance in such a weird spot. For those of you who love atomic fireballs, you might dig this (and maybe even tell me I'm crazy because it's too weak), but this is not a flavor for the fun factor crowd. I want something sweet and delightful that reminds me of breakfast. I want Hood's Fried Ice Cream, not this overly gummy mess.

Verdict?  gummy texture, odd flavor
Buy Again?  not a chance


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Too bad about this ice cream :( Would you mind sharing the ingredients list? I'm curious to see; and I've tried looking online and I can't seem to find that information for this product. Thank you in advance; and thank you as always for the honest review!

Dubba Scoops said...

Ooops! Forgot! It's attached now.