Thursday, August 13, 2015

Target Archer Farms Strawberry Blondie Ice Cream

[2015-2016] Ok, technically I've already tried one new ice cream today, but it's so hot and uncomfortable and I just cant think of anything else I want to eat right now.

Target Strawberry Blondie Ice Cream
strawberry ice cream with strawberries & blondie brownie pieces

It's not too pink and there appear to be strawberry seeds everywhere.

Ok, first thoughts? Yeah, I wouldnt mind more strawberry flavor. It's strange because it started mellow but then I started getting some traction with the strawberry flavor. Yeah, it definitely got stronger.... I think. Or, it's almost like it's strong and not strong at the same time. It's like there is this strawberry clarity trying to work through the ice cream to get to my taste buds. And now I sound crazy again. Let's start over.

I absolutely plowed through that first bowl of ice cream that is no match for the heat today. I definitely enjoyed it as the strawberry flavor seemed to build up as I went. Yeah, really want more right now. I didn't notice any strawberry chunks but there are a bunch of little strawberry bits littering my empty bowl right now.

"blondie brownies" are a nice textural change here. I didn't get any kind of particular flavor blast from them, but there texture does compliment the flavor here. As always, I wouldn't mind a few more of them.

Man, can't wait to second scoop this one to see how it goes.

On Second Scoop: And ofcourse I've polished this one off without writing down the thoughts spinning in my head. I kept going back for samples here and there and well, it's a fine flavor, I would just prefer something a bit stronger, but that's preference. If you want something mild and milky, this is it. If you want something stronger, go with... go with... man, I can't think of anything. Blue Bunny's Double Strawberry maybe?

Verdict?  decent, could be stronger (but I always say that)
Buy Again?  maybe

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