Friday, January 30, 2015

New Orleans Ice Cream Co. Mississippi Debris

[By Nick] Awhile back, New Orleans Ice Cream sent me a shipment of flavors to try for fun knowing that Dubba had reviewed a large portion of their offerings. Thankfully there was one flavor in the shipment that has yet to be covered

New Orleans Ice Cream Co. Mississippi Debris
chocolate ice cream with brownie pieces, chocolate flakes, truffles, malt balls,
chocolate almonds, cherry cups, marshmallow and a fudge swirl

This flavor sounds right up my alley with all the various mix-ins. The only problem I see happening is that there will be far too much going on here. I mean, there are 8 different components going into this ice cream so who knows what will happen? There's only one way to find out!

Hmm visually, I can't say I see all 8 different things. I'm able to see the fudge swirl, marshmallows, malt balls and the chocolate flakes. Except for the chocolate almonds I couldn't see, that's honestly all I could taste as well.

First things first, NOLA makes a respectable chocolate ice cream. It's rich like they say and more on the milky side of things. It's quite enjoyable alone but the mix-ins support it nicely. The main mix-in I can taste is the fudge swirl. I know that might seem strange since it's just another form of chocolate. However, it's consistency as well as dark chocolate qualities distinguishes it from the base.

Next up are those chocolate almonds. While the chocolate isn't all that noticeable, the almonds' nuttiness is present and accounted for. Then comes in the malt balls. I love malt balls and wish there was more of them in this pint because they're so underutilized. They add some maltiness to the chocolate dominance which changes things up a bit.

The chocolate flakes and marshmallows don't add much other than added textural component. Thankfully they're the right texture with the flakes adding little spurts of crunch and the marshmallows being chewy.

Sadly, the truffles, brownies and cherry cups were no where to be found. I never saw them or noticed them once while eating this flavor. I was looking forward to what the cherry cups could bring as well.

While this is a good flavor from what I experienced, I could only imagine it could be way better if they cut the mix-ins in half. They could remove the brownies, chocolate flakes and cherry cups and just market this is as a malted rocky road flavor. Still, I'd say give this one a shot if you're able to find it. It won't blow you away but there are far worse options out there for you to try.

Verdict?  There is such a thing as too many different mix-ins
Buy Again?  I'd consider it if it was available

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  1. A better idea if they would add the mix ins gradually. For example the almonds goes in there 1st then the cups... vice versa. That way it might be more evenly or I'm wondering do they do quality exams to check make sure all mix-ins are in there


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