Sunday, August 31, 2014

Turkey Hill Southern Lemon Pie Ice Cream

[By Nick] After yesterday's apple pie surprise, it's finally time to bring Nick Week to an end with another kind of pie: Southern Lemon Pie. For some reason I thought Dubba had reviewed this flavor long ago but it seems like all he did was do a PSA about it and never actually had the flavor (see the post here). And this is why I'm here, to try flavors Dubba doesn't want to. At least I'm adding to my already commanding lead in our contest in the process (now 5-2).

Turkey Hill Southern Lemon Pie Ice Cream
Tangy lemon ice cream swirled with whipped marshmallow and shortbread pieces

So yes, I am covering another lemon product during this week but here's hoping this one fairs a lot better. I'm iffy on shortbread pieces but the promise of a marshmallow swirl is enough to get my attention.

That marshmallow swirl looks as pretty as I'd imagined it would. You're able to see bits of the shortbread pieces and the base is a little more vibrant than I was expecting.

The lemon ice cream is no where near as powerful as Ciao Bella's sorbet. It's actually pretty restrained and reminds me a lot of Three Twins Lemon Cookie. I think this mellowness can be attributed to the sweetness in the marshmallow swirl. It's gooey, very sweet and what a marshmallow swirl should be. Marshmallow swirls are becoming less and less common but Turkey Hill knows how to properly exectute one.

While I was worried about the shortbread since I'm generally not a fan, they actually were a perfect choice for this flavor. If the marshmallow swirl was made to keep the lemon base in line, these shortbread pieces were ment to keep that swirl under control. Not only do they add a nice textural compliment to the gooey swirl with their crumbly crunch, they also make sure the sweetness doesn't get too out of hand. The butteriness works to cut the sweetness spikes creating for a well thought out flavor.

While this isn't better than Three Twins Lemon Cookie, this is a close second in the lemon ice cream department. I'd love to see Turkey Hill use this base more often. Say, a limited edition lemon cookie flavor of their own next year? A man can dream, can't he?

Verdict? The balance of components is key
Buy Again? It's worth a purchase at least once a year when it's around

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