Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Turkey Hill Southern Lemon Pie Ice Cream Review

2 of our roving reporters have sent in a quick but very positive review of Turkey Hill's Limited Edition Southern Lemon Pie (regular version, not the fat free version). Technically, this was suppose to be January's flavor, so I'm not sure why there was a fresh delivery to their grocery store in June, but let's not worry about that.
The exact description is "Tangy lemon ice cream swirled with whipped marshmallow and shortbread pieces". Well, apparently the ice cream manages to land at the perfect taste, not to sweet, yet not to tart & tangy. The shortbread pieces are excellent. Overall, a great treat during this nasty heat wave! -M&J

Nutrition: 160/70/0/2

Note: This may say "Limited Edition", but I'm pretty sure it's come out every year since I started this blog in 2008.


  1. I know the Southern Lemon Pie is limited edition but my family loves it. can you tell me what stores in northern Virginia I can still possibly find it.

    Washington-Metro Area


    1. They have a store locator here
      good luck!


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