Saturday, March 15, 2014

Blue Bunny FLAN Ice Cream

[2014-2015] Yet again, the fine folks of Wells Enterprises have hooked Nick and I up with all of their new 2014 products so that we can show them to you. This includes four tasty looking new flavors that Blue Bunny is calling Hispanic-inspired. Let's see how this goes.

Blue Bunny FLAN Ice Cream
Flan flavored ice cream with ribbons of caramelized sugar

not much first impression...

One bite and you know this one is different. It feels like there are several flavors trying to pop through. It's still subtle though, there's nothing screaming out at you. There's a familiar, breakfast carb vibe to it... or maybe a buttery note to it. Hmmmm. Ok, enough of the base, where's the swirl?

Ok, found the swirl, but it's not real strong. It's trying to accent, not dominate. I was hoping for more of the caramel to kick in, but we'll see how the second scoop goes. Ok, now just give me a second to make a late breakfast sundae...

Funny, even with all the other components, I still taste the base more than anything (even over the butterscotch)... ahhh, that's it, now I know what it tastes like, eggs! Or more specifically, custard! Like I'm having creme bruleee type flashbacks. Not the same exactly, but that kind of overall vibe and flavor of that type of treat.

Now in full disclosure, I'm not sure I've ever had flan in particular, though I have had similar desserts. After having this, I'm half tempted to buy one of those flan cups that they have at the grocery store just for comparison. I'm not sure it's a flavor I would gravitate towards on a regular basis, I'd prefer to have it mixed with something, but it's been interesting to try none the less.

This one is definitely unique and I can't think of anything that is even remotely similar. I don't mean this meanly, but I'm kind of shocked this came from Blue Bunny. They make a lot of great products, but I expect this kind of flavor from one of the super premium companies, not a mainstream company. Nice job guys.

On Second Scoop: I've had this three or four times now and it's.... consistent. You always taste the flan and not much else, not matter what you mix it with. Flan lovers will rejoice, the rest of us will move on to the other flavors.

Verdict?  definitely different
Buy Again?  nah


  1. FLan is just a form of custard, which this ice cream obviously isn't considering I don't see any egg tolls in the ingredients.

  2. well.. all I can say is that you are correct... at the first taste you know its 'different'.. and not sure its a good different tho. I hope the flavor grows on me so I can finish the container.. but will never buy again

  3. It's no wonder this was in my grocery's clearance freezer case. The flavor is overwhelmingly artificial hint of flan anywhere. We'll finish the IS ice cream, but never again.

  4. I wish I had seen these posts before I bought the ice cream. Disappointed that Blue Bunny came out with this. We will finish it but not buy it again. Ice cream is expensive now and I won't waste money on flavors I am not familiar with.

  5. have you tried cuatro leches? that's easily my favorite of the bunch!

  6. I tried this ice cream that i purchased on clearance for 99 cents. The first taste i knew it was different. The second taste i thought i tasted something like a coffee flavor but idk. Its different and not half bad to me and my family.


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