Sunday, January 12, 2014

Steve's Sunday Morning Ice Cream #25

[By Nick] After my underwhelming experience with Steve’s Salty Caramel ice cream, I thought it would be best to try the free sample I was most excited about: Sunday Morning.

With a description of “Buttered Maple Syrup Ice Cream with Crispy Waffle Pieces” there’s no way I couldn’t be excited. If you don’t know, Dubba and I are quite the advocates for ice cream for breakfast and Steve’s has gone and made a flavor perfect for such an occasion. And come on, when’s the last time you saw waffle pieces in ice cream that weren’t cones? Exactly, never. If you can’t tell, I’m very excited for this flavor and my expectations are extremely high. Please don’t let me down Steve’s!

Oh wow, I think my expectations have already been met. Just look at that syrup on the top! If you don’t think that’s awesome then I don’t know what to tell you. Since I’m able to get the base alone without the syrup, let’s start there. The base takes exactly like pure butter with hints of maple. I know I use the term buttery a lot when describing flavors but this is dead on butter flavor and I really dig it. The base’s texture is denser than Salty Caramel making it easier to savor. That’s only the beginning folks because the other two components are just as remarkable.

The waffle pieces are downright mind boggling. While they have a light flavor that gets masked by the base, their texture is perfect. I’m not sure how Steve’s did it but they managed to keep the waffles crispy. Sure, there’s no real chew to them like a fresh waffle but you know that crisp layer around the waffle? Well these have that! I’m not going to lie; I thought it was going to be akin to trying to eat a frozen waffle straight out of the freezer. Steve’s however worked some black magic and made these waffle chunks unlike any other mix-in I have ever had.

Now that just leaves the best for last: the maple syrup swirl. Oh that swirl makes all other swirls look pathetic. It is by far the thickest swirl I have ever encountered. As for flavor, this isn’t some of that knock off maple syrup either. This swirl falls into the Grade B territory. It has a very rich maple flavor that when combined with the butter base and the waffle pieces, you have the perfect breakfast in ice cream form.

There’s no way you can eat this flavor and not think it tastes exactly like a stack of waffles topped with maple syrup and butter. I will even go as far as to say this is my new favorite ice cream flavor that has mix-ins. Even though I found out you can buy Steve’s for cheaper than their online store, I would be willing to pay the full price for this pint and that’s saying a lot. Go find this pint, now!

Verdict?  Breakfast in a pint!
Buy Again? Oh yeah, this one would earn a permanent spot in my freezer.


ibagoalie said...

I bought this at a store that doesnt have a high turnover in ice cream, so i think i got an old pint. My waffles were stale tasting and ruined it for me. Lesson learned.

Danielle said...

As a kid, I remember the day I put syrup on my sundae accidentally and since then I always wondered why ice cream companies never did anything with that. Glad to see someone finally has!

Anonymous said...

This looks heavenly! Hope I can find it in my area.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add: new Magnum bars are out that Dubba might like! Love new products.

Nick Rovo said...

Anon, it was heavenly. As for those bars, Dubba and I have been eagerly waiting for them to come over here ever since they were released 2 years ago overseas. Now we just need to track them down!

Nick Rovo said...

Ibagoalie, bum pints are always the worst. Definitely worth a re-buy if you can get a fresher pint!

TheIcon said...

Just tried this. I enjoyed it however I wish the waffle pieces were larger. It was almost like eating waffle nerds they were so small. Otherwise i enjoyed teh maple and syrup.

Nick Rovo said...

TheIcon, my waffles weren't quite that small but bigger waffles are always better!