Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Good Humor Birthday Cake Bars

[New for 2013] Happy New Year everyone! It was kind of fun posting a birthday product last January 1st... so let's do it again!

Good Humor Birthday Cake Bars
cake crunch coated light vanilla ice cream and vanilla cake flavored center

With nondescript white wrapper removed, it's not really an impressive first view.

Doh, the cake insides compress on cutting.

It's cake flavor, and as expected, I don't really like it on my first few bites. It's too sweet, and it's got an icy consistency to it, maybe from sitting for a month or so in the deep freezer, or maybe that's just the way it is. I'm unamused, but this thing is low cal and low fat, so I keep eating...

And then, well, I started to warm up to it. While the crumb bits aren't nearly as vibrant as they are on the box, there is a fun factor to them. Instead of biting them like some kind of soft cake crumbles, I actually tried to savor them a bit. It's kind of like eating the sprinkles off a sugar cookie. Apparently I was attacking this bar all wrong.

See, if you break it, it looks a lot more like cake.

So while my initial reaction was bleck, I pressed on and realized these aren't that bad. That's why you can't judge a food on a just a few bites. You need to have the whole bar, and then second scoop another bar tomorrow to be fair.  I needed time to settle in and realize what this treat was going for. I don't love it, and I never will, but they did try here.

Verdict?  very sweet, so-so quality
Buy Again?  if my daughter insisted


Anonymous said...

Mmm, I love them, because it is not often that you can get that cake-taste for only 130 calories.

Ray Mahtani said...

Too sweet for me as well. I will never buy it again.

Anonymous said...

Too sweet for me... The outside crunchy things feel kinda of stale when chewing them and it doesn't taste like cake... The part that is supposed to be the 'cake' looks weird and doesn't taste like cake.. I was very disappointed and will never repurchase...

Josh Currie said...

I love these my neice and I would have these on our weekly stroll to the park and these are our favorite hands down. I used to get them from a SAMs Club near me in MI but the stopped carrying them and now I cant find them any where.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Josh: I just checked and they arent on the good humor website, looks like they may have been retired.

Anonymous said...

I llove ice cream; especially good humor's strawberry shortcake crunch. I could eat a whole box of them. When I spotted the birthday cake crunch good humor bars I bought them thinking theflavor of the crunch is going to be incredible and the cake filling is going to be delicious so I was sold and purcjased a box. Plus the colors on the box are so beautiful and it really gets your attention and the ice cream bar looks like so much fun to eat because of the colors.

Opening my ice cream bar from the package I couldn't wait to bite into the crunch part. I was so disappointed. ut qas hard to chew and the texture ofthe crunch was strange. Someone mentioned earlier stale. That was exactly it. Very stale and the crunch part was hard to chew. The inside filling was not cake st all. It was a very sticky and icy with too artificil flavor.. it was horrible. I took another bitr thin king it would get better but it did not. In fact it made me feel sick and I threw the other half of the bar out. I would never do this with ice cream. But with this ice bar I did. I would never buy again. I have never had any bad tasting ice cream until now.