Sunday, December 1, 2013

Edy's Key Lime Pie Yogurt Blend

The great thing about today's review is that I had totally forgotten about this product. Part of me thinks I've seen it on a rare occasion (aka years ago), another part of me thinks I've never seen it. Maybe it's more popular in your area, maybe you see it all the time, but for me in my area, this pint of green "live culture frozen dessert" just seemed too unique to pass up.

Edy's / Dreyer's Slow Churned Key Lime Pie Yogurt Blend
graham swirl in key lime pie flavored live culture frozen dessert

Light green color.... always hard to photograph

I was going to hold off the first scooping for a breakfast sundae, but I'm too excited. Something clicked with last year's B&J Key Lime Pie flavor and I want to visit that particular flavor town again.

I take one bite and am overwhelmed with potent flavor. The style of these blends is amplifying that tartness of the key lime. It's not a straight tart, like eating the fruit, but it's a doozy of the flavor. I gotta get my bearings before grabbing another bite.

I aim for the tasty graham swirl and it does it's best to balance things out, but it's not enough. If you dig potent key lime yogurt and whatnot, you'll like this just fine, but for me... well, I need more graham swirl, and unfortunately it seems to be in only part of the container. Oh, and for the record, the texture is just fine, though the strength of this one might be distracting me.

On Second Scoop: I only had a small bowl the night before, but even then, this is not a flavor you quickly forget. In the morning, I tried to balance things out with a generous portion of graham cracker crumbs and a pile of whip cream that easily surpassed the 1 to 1 ratio. Oh, there were a few white chocolate chips too. They all helped, but the key lime pie froyo continues to dominate. 

Verdict?  very potent
Buy Again?  not bad, but too much for me


Anne Sutton said...

The Key Lime flavor is often pretty powerful. But I do love the Ciao Bella key lime graham squares. I buy them in bulk at BJ's. They are so light and refreshing....much better than this froyo

Dubba Scoops said...

Agreed, but there are respectable and tamer alternatives like you mention (B&J version also tasty). This one is a bit of a beast!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I LOVE this yogurt. However, lately I've been unable to find it. After going to three Dave's supermarkets, I finally found it at Heinen's only to be disappointed! Instead of the green flavorful yogurt I was used to, it was white with FAR less flavor. I could barely taste the lime! Looking for their number right now to complain.

Unknown said...

I came across the key lime pie flavor at a 99cent store that's right for 99cents I thought what do I have to lose but when I tried it I loved it I went back and bought 4 more everyone who I gave a try loved it too haven't yet found it in a supermarket I guess it wasn't in high demand but I thought it was amazing

Dubba Scoops said...

I think that you usually don't see stuff in the 99 cent store unless it's really old aka likely discontinued. Several people on Edy's site complaining they can't find it anymore.

MargeNC said...

You can't find not just Key Lime frozen yogurt but any frozen yogurt within 100 miles of Boise Idaho. I have called, written, chatted, emailed etc to no avail. Dreyer's giveth and Dreyer'a taketh away.

Deb Bell said...

This was one of your best EVER WHY DID YOU DISCONTINUE IT?? I loved this!

Anonymous said...

Please let me know if you find it. I'm devastated I cannot find it at frys foods anymore in phoenix