Friday, June 14, 2013

New Orleans Mint Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream

Ok, I'm still working my way through all the free samples that New Orleans ice cream company sent over. There's one in particular I've been saving for a special occasion.

Mint Chocolate Cookie
unothrodox side view (sorry, messed up the frontal shot)

This should help. Our very green friend is described as "mint chocolate cookies and chocolate flakes crackle through our mint ice cream cream". Yeah, I'm a sucker for mint ice creams nowadays. There's an added bonus as a portion of each purchase goes to the Make It Right Foundation which is using green building techniques to help rebuild the New Orleans Lower 9th Ward. (green for green, get it? or maybe that's a coincidence)

Whoa! Check out that light mint coloring. The unique part is there appears to be a swirl in there, plus it sure looks a lot like mint Talenti. I wonder? Could it be possible? OH YEAH! I take a big whiff and it's got that same distinct smell as the Talenti. I dive in to sample and they nailed it. This is that same great mint butter cream flavoring I fell in love with before. I take one bite and instantly I'm that 7 year old wondering around my grandparents house in my Sunday shoes and my Christmas vest patiently waiting for a glorious turkey dinner to be served. Oh the childhood awkwardness.... oh the awesome butter cream mints, and cookies, and turkey, and whatever vegetables I was avoiding on the table.

Now Talenti has that nice soft gelato texture and those neat little chocolate shavings everywhere. New Orleans also has a nice soft texture, but they've added in some neat crunchy chocolate bits. You know what? They kind of remind me of how everyone tries to make a thin mint replica flavor. The chocolate balls have a bit of an airy crunch shall we see. It's playful and makes this flavor easily jump to one of my favorite mints.

If I didn't know better, I would swear there is a bit of sugary grit to this flavor, but it's probably just the little chocolate bits floating about.... no, there's definitely something inside here... Wait, HA! It's the white swirl!! Man that's cool! It's some kind of sugary, gritty, minty coolness. Such a nice touch. What an epic swirl. I can't put this one down.

I love New Orleans ice cream company when they bring their unique touch to a flavor like this. My mind is blown away by the crunchy mint swirl. They've taken those butter cream mints from my childhood and turned them into a swirl! I gotta call it. This is my new favorite mint ice cream.

On Second Scoop: I've been thinking about this one all day.... oh yeah, it's as good, if not better on the second try. Man this is crazy good. The cookie bits are great, the flakes are nice, the base is velvety goodness... and then the swirl just sends this one to the moon. Over 800 reviews on this blog and I don't think we've ever had a swirl like this. Awesome job guys, awesome job.

Verdict?  Love it!
Buy Again?  If only I could!

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