Monday, November 5, 2012

New Gingerbread failures from Burger King
Investigating the Gingerbread cookie sundae and shake

So the King is treating us to two new gingerbread flavored treats this year. I love the idea behind fast food chains mixing things up, but all too often we wind up with an epic fail.

This is the new BK Gingerbread Cookie Sundae, and despite my so-so relationship with ginger cookies, I felt obligated to try this one for you guys. I exchanged three bucks for this well covered treat.

Just a quick aside before we begin. This is the official promo pic which is a little embellished but that's not my problem. Check out the description "Our made-to-order Gingerbread Cookie Sundae is cool and creamy with crumbled gingerbread cookies floating in a sea of velvety Vanilla Soft Serve". Ok, read that one more time. Did you notice that it doesn't actually say what flavor that sauce is? Since they also have a gingerbread shake, one could assume this is gingerbread flavored sauce, but it would be nice for them to come out and say it.

Here's my sundae after the first bite. Notice just how bright white that soft serve is? and what do I always say about bright white "vanilla" things? That's right, bright white things are usually flavorless and this base has almost no flavor and that's a shame because we desperately needed something to tie this mess together.

Despite being a pretty thing, I'm just not getting a ton of flavor out of this sundae. It's just blah. Sure, there is some flavor from the cookie dust, but there seems to be little discernible flavor from the sauce. It's just weird and unnatural.

Now I got frustrated pretty quickly and decided to mix the whole mess together in the hopes of bringing out some flavor while downplaying the drying nature of all the cookie crumbs. This trick did work a bit in terms of flavor, but the soft serve and sauce seemed to have formed some slightly slimy hybrid that felt unnatural. You know, this whole treat just isn't right.

With all hope lost, I unhappily inhaled the rest and called it a day. What a fail.

This is the promo pic of the new BK Gingerbread Cookie Shake and according to GrubGrade, it's freaking terrible and I have no reason to doubt them since they got the sundae review pretty much spot on. I am so glad I didn't go with my original plan of trying both the sundae and shake at the same time (I probably would have had to ask for my money back or something) --- Oh well, at least the shake inspired this great short story by Nick.

Verdict?  Terrible
Buy Again?  Not a chance


Anonymous said...

The shake is tasty try it. I promise u will like it. It is very good

Anonymous said...

That is so true that very white ice creams never have much flavor!

Dubba Scoops said...

Well, we'll see, Nick has agreed to try it, stay tuned...

Dubba Scoops said...

My bright white DQ vanilla shake wasn't exactly flavorful today :)

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed this a lot.

Dubba Scoops said...

by chance did yours have more sauce and less cookie crumble?