Wednesday, February 8, 2012

State of the Freezer Address
The Still Kickin' Edition

Ok, let's jump right to the pictures.

You know what's funny? After the frustrating 3 day loss of power, the basement freezer sat empty except for two bags of ice... and then the Rice Creams came and it all started back up again (Thanks Drew!). I try to control myself but I am such a sucker for things I've never seen before. I'm a new product junkie. At least you know what's in store for the next week or two. We've got (new to me) Stuff'd flavors from Turkey Hill which I am looking forward to, plus I still have two pints from Wegman's to cover. You'll see a couple of low fat treats in the middle there (the one in red is hiding). What's in the white bag you ask? Just some Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Sandwiches (still trying to figure out how to work them into my new portion controlled eating habits... I'm thinking they might get eaten on the way to work)

Funny, I thought there was more ice cream upstairs, it's mostly just breakfast stuff and veggies right now. Most of this stuff you'll recognize from recent reviews, except maybe the Oikos which hopefully I will post this week.

Looking Forward

What's in store before we hit our 4th anniversary? Well, my goal right now is to start sleeping again, and thankfully those wheels of change are finally in motion. To be honest, I haven't slept good in about two years and it really starts to take a toll on you after awhile. Once sleep happens then maybe my brain can clear enough to final change the design on this site. That's something I've been meaning to doing since the 3rd anniversary. You know, technically I could roll out this one design I have for a few days to see what you guys think. If you like it, I can finish it off. If not, well, I can go with Plan B which is a much less drastic change.

I also need to give in and get this site on facebook. I already have an account since I needed it to help test drive consmr, but I never made an official fan page for the blog. I'll admit I was resistant because I keep waiting for facebook to implode like myspace, but after discovering that little is going on over at google+, well, it's time to give in and make this site a bit more accessible..... and by the power of magic, I give you a facebook page. Oh the excitement! Hey, if it doesn't go well I can always retire it and go play with pinterest. I wonder if you can tie it together so that facebook comments and blogger comments come together and show on the blog and vice versa, that might be pretty slick and help drive some discussions. I really do love feedback, especially when it's descriptive, though just so you know, "tastes like poop" isn't exactly a meaningful description.

One More Thing

So, when an ice cream addict like myself works to lighten the load a bit, you might wonder how I keep the old addiction going without packing on the pounds. Well, I say live vicariously through others.

shake for the wife, sundae for the daughter

Just because I shouldn't eat so much ice cream doesn't mean I still can't have fun with it.


  1. Hi! How do you make milkshake? Do you just blend icecream with milk or something else also?

    1. nothing fancy, just a big cup, some ice cream, and some milk (preferably regular two percent or chocolate one percent). Let it sit for a little bit and then stir it up. I always tend to add just a smidge too much milk.

    2. Mmmm well it looks delicious!!

  2. I bet all your daughters friends love coming to your house haha.

  3. Don't do facebook. Live in the real world. You'll be happier. Take it from someone who needs to go cold turkey from it :)

    Junior Mint Stuffed looks exciting.

    1. ha, i'm fairly anti-facebook... maybe because I don't have 437 friends on it.

  4. Love seeing the freezer and can't wait for the Turkey Hill reviews. I haven't seen those in my area yet but would love to try them!

    I sympathize on the sleep thing.


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