Thursday, July 23, 2009

Well, that was a first.....

Let me know if this has happened to you because I think today was the first time for me...

After I decided I didn't want a milkshake ...or a frosty ...or Friendly's, I decided to head over to Crystal Caves in Auburn, home of Robbie's homemade ice cream. They have over 50 flavors, some standard, some unique. Being the giant Snickers fan that I am, I was more than happy to shell out $2.99 for a medium - 2 scoop cone of snickers ice cream (well, it was 2 figurative scoops anyway, seems like everyone has forgotten how to do a real scoop anymore).

I was presented with a light colored (off-white) ice cream with a caramel swirl and what appears to be very finely blended bits of snickers bars. I didn't spy any napkins within reach, but I decided I would be fine, and headed back to the car.

Well, just a few bites into the treat, disaster struck. The cone went a toppling over!!! I had just a fraction of a second to decided if I wanted to try and catch the scoops....and somehow I did manage to catch the ice cream with my hand. Oh yeah, ice cream and caramel all over my "clean" hand, and I say "clean" since that was the hand I just paid with (mmmmm, germy money).

So, what do you do in this situation? I was half tempted to toss it, but I really didn't want to go back inside (I was pushing my lunchtime as it was) I slapped that bad boy back on the cone and started eating again. Now, ofcourse, comes yet a third dilemma: how do I open the car door? I can't exactly grab my keys with the sticky hand. I could put the cone in my sticky hand, then open the car with the clean hand, but then the cone is a mess and I'll have to clean a hand that has an ice cream cone in it. So, I ate my ice cream as fast as I could until a point where I was sure it wouldn't fall over again. Then I gently switched hands and opened the door.

Wait, it gets better....well, worse, than better. I don't have any more napkins in the car, oh that's not good ...looking ....searching ....oh, awesome! a few napkins fell behind the seat and I finally get some of the ice cream off my hand. My word do I feel silly. The ironic thing was that the whole time I was in line, this mother kept telling one of her sons to be careful and kept telling him he was going to make a mess ....thanks for the negative thoughts lady ....hehehe, just kidding, it was a poorly scooped cone, plain and simple.

Oh, and as for the ice cream: I assumed that Snickers ice cream would taste at least a bit like Snickers, kind of like how Uhlman's Milky Way tastes like a Milky Way. I guess I expect too much..... I'll go back, but I'm getting something else next time.

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