Sunday, July 19, 2009

Free iPhone ( iPod iPad ) game
for National Ice Cream Day

Well, I had to pull a lot of strings, but, with some effort I ...oh, I had nothing to do with it, I just got an email on Friday saying that the game Scoops would be free on iTunes today to celebrate National Ice Cream day (that's a savings of $1.99 for all you budget minded folk).

I could have posted earlier, but I wanted to try the game first. It's real basic: You move your ice cream cone by tilting the iPhone left and right with the goal being to catch the falling scoops of ice cream. To complicate things, vegetables fall from the sky. Every time you catch a scoop, your buffer goes up (the little blue bar at the top middle of the screenshot). Every time you miss a scoop, the buffer goes down. Catch a veggie and the buffer is back to zero. Accidentally catch 3 veggies and you're all done. Rainbow scoops change to whatever color you caught last (so bonus points). As your gigantic ice cream cones reaches for the sky, there is some basic physics involved and the cone will be harder to control (though it won't actually fall over). So, it's not the greatest game I've ever played, but since it involves ice cream, and it's FREE, I say fire up iTunes and go download it!

Update: Scoops is now FREE! If you really enjoy the game, you can change the theme from ice cream to 5 other themes at just 99 cents a piece.

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