Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Milky Way Ice Cream from Uhlman's

Oh man, I'm going to get addicted to Uhlman's as they go two for two. They've got about 40 flavors to explore, so which way to go? I went Milky Way and I was not disappointed. They don't mess with Milky Way bar chunks either, they go right for nailing down the flavor, and they pulled it off nicely. It's a great chocolate malt flavored ice cream with a great caramel swirl that was still fresh and melting out of the ice cream. When you go to an ice cream stand, you want fresh ingredients, a hard caramel swirl would have been totally disappointing. My only problem was the fact I ate it just a smidge too fast!

Doing a little research, and I couldn't really find a commercially available Milky Way flavor. The dreyer's corporate site does have this, but it's not listed at or, so I don't know if it's still out there. I have had Milky Way chocolate milk, which is good ....but this ice cream was better, especially on a beautiful day like today (it's rained like every day for over a week). Can't say enough about this flavor, fantastic!! Can't wait to try another flavor next week!

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