Sunday, January 25, 2009

Treat of this past week: Dove Bar Miniatures

Originally I called these Ice Cream thingies because long ago the "marketing people" at Dove had forgotten to post the product on their website. Oh it drives me nuts when companies want you to try their new products, but don't have the info readily accessible for you. I've seen these several times too, I just can't think of their name.

They are about 2 inches long, come in at least two flavors, and come in 12 packs at the grocery store, or 36 packs at the bulk food clubs. I'm always tempted by them, but the fat content always scares me off at the last minute. Fortunately for me, they were actually giving away samples at BJs when I stopped by on Wednesday.

I tried the one with dark chocolate drizzled on the top
[third generation packaging shown above]

This is Dove we're talking about, so I wasn't surprised at the high quality of my little treat. I say little because you know it's not even remotely big enough to fill you, especially at dinner time. Sure, you can have 5 of them to make up a serving but one will have to do at the moment. They were good enough that I almost picked up that $7.99 box of 36 and put it in my cart ...but the freezer is so full right now. Ok, maybe next time.

2012 Update: There are currently 4 flavors in all, but it's 2 flavors in each box of 14 though I swear they use to come with 3 flavors in a smaller 12 packs...

Ahhh, yes they did come in three packs!
though this the 40 count jumbo box
[first generation packaging]

There was also a cafe collection version at one point which features coffee-flavored ice cream with a milk chocolate coating (so they called one Cappuccino and one Java chip). Pretty sure I remember these, though I never actually tried them. [second generation packaging]

Oh man, there was even a Limited Edition Peppermint Perfection version!
(note: sometimes the boxes came with just one flavor inside)

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