Sunday, April 14, 2024

DQ Picnic Peach Cobbler Blizzard

[New for Spring 2024] When you heard about the new peach blizzard at DQ, could you imagine what it would taste like? After trying it today, I can say that it probably tastes like how you imagine. At least it did for me.

Dairy Queen Picnic Peach Cobbler Blizzard
soft serve, peach topping, and buttery cobbler pieces

There's not an overwhelming amount of peach flavor, nor an overflow of sweetness. This one is very much in the same vane as other fruity blizzards where you get a genuine fruity flavor rather than some nasty artificial nonsense. It tastes like you want it to taste. 

In my particular blizzard, there wasn't a ton of peach pieces, but a fair amount of cobbler pieces. I did kind of long for a bit of whipped cream in the mix to round this one out a little, but I enjoyed it as much as I expected to enjoy a peach blizzard.

There's just not a ton to say really, except for maybe the fact that peach blizzards don't really click with an order of french fries.

If this one interests you, give it a try!

Verdict?  peachy and predictable
Buy Again?  if the mood hit

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  1. My kids and I both enjoyed the understated peach flavor. Too strong of a peach flavor always tastes very artificial to me. I don't know why they don't put a dollop of whipped cream on top of more of their blizzards. But I won't pay the rather significant upcharge to add it either. One time I did and regretted it because it was a paltry amount added. Come on DQ....give us a squirt of whipped topping! We also loved the ultimate cookie one. I recall taking a survey recently with different blizzard options. Seems like DQ is listening!


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