Sunday, February 19, 2023

Talenti Double Cookie Crunch Dairy-Free Gelato

[New for Early 2023] Talenti has always had dairy-free options via their sorbetto options, though it wasn't until 2018 that they started calling them "dairy free sorbetto". Things are changing again in 2023. With Unilever as their parent company, they are joining their frozen treat siblings (like Ben & Jerry's and Breyers) by offering dairy alternatives. Two of them use cashew butter, and the other two are using oat milk. I won't be bringing the cashew butter ones home, so let's try....

Talenti Double Cookie Crunch Dairy-Free Gelato
dairy-free cookies & cream gelato with
swirls of sugar cookie crumbs and chocolate cookie pieces

Let's take a moment to appreciate that you can see the solid sugar cookie crumb swirl 

Looks like a chocolate cookies & cream flavor right?

Is this not amazing looking? Those are some top notch visuals right there.

Does this taste like their normal gelato? No, but it's enjoyably close. Does it taste better than other oat milk based pints I've had? That's a good question. I would argue that while those other products impressed me from time to time, this might be the closest a company has come to a regular dairy based treat.

So, the texture is soft and easy to scoop (with the context that I find there regular gelato pretty easy to scoop as well). I think the visuals might make you think that you'll get a strong cookies & cream vibe, but to me, that's not the vibe I get. It's definitely more of a chocolate cookie leaning flavor. That probably makes no sense right? Let me try again on the second scoop.

The biggest problem I have with non-dairy flavors is that I'm rarely inspired to crave that second scooping, but I'm genuinely intrigued to try this again tomorrow. 

On Second Scoop: Before I start, let me quick point out that this is dairy free, not vegan (because eggs). Ok, let's go...  It's very smooth, but not gummy. I think I am getting a little bit of that texture that I've found in other non-dairy flavors. If you get a bit of the cookie swirl on your spoon, that will help mix that up a bit. Iunno, I still think Talenti did a good job with this one. I can foresee trying this one again... alright, here's a helpful comment. I like this flavor, but it would be cool if all those neat cookie pieces added more texture and cookie flavor. I think if they had a bit more crunch and pop, this one would be even better.

Verdict?  impressed
Buy Again?  I might actually!

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  1. Sorry to back-track so much, but I saw this in the store today and remembered your post. I was excited to try this one, but when I grabbed a pint, I noticed it was rather "soft" to the squeeze—-more so than the dairy versions. It made me wonder if the product is really airy, or if it was just mishandled and didn't stay frozen properly. Since they're so pricey now, I left it. Did you feel like the non-dairy base was dense like Talenti's other gelatos, or that it was softer and quicker to melt?

  2. I would say it was pretty soft, so that pint was probably fine.

  3. Thanks for the intel. I went with the Blueberry Crumble Layers and if you're curious, I can happily report that it's delicious! The fruity base is bright, little cookie bits are nice, and the words "cookie sauce" should say it all. The cashew-based brownie layer version was a bit more "sorbetto"-y in texture but tasted great IMO.


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