Monday, February 27, 2023

Noosa Sea Salt Caramel Frozen Yogurt Gelato

[New for 2022] Man, these other two Noosa flavors have been sitting in the freezer forever (I think I bought them in March (of 2022)) >>> I thought maybe Noosa Gelato was going away, but after a comment from May, we now know that there at least three flavors debuting in 2023 including a Lemon Bar flavor. Well, before any more time passes, let's give a quick look at...

Noosa Chocolate Fudge Frozen Yogurt Gelato
 Noosa Sea Salt Caramel Frozen Yogurt Gelato

opening shot of caramel....

I take a bite and boy that's salty! Also flavorful, but salty! I doublecheck the side of the container and I am reminded that it's 14% of your daily sodium in a single serving. I think that's the most I've ever seen in a frozen dessert. It's unique, but also kind of unnecessary.

Oh well, at least the flavor is there, and it went great in to breakfast sundae. It was all about the sweet and salty combo. Definitely feel free to try this flavor, but be aware of the salty factor and be prepared to mix it with something (I'm sure it would still be plenty tasty if you went with a 50/50 combo of this and a vanilla ice cream).

Did I ever get to the chocolate? Nope, sorry.

On Second Scoop: I finished (most of?) the sea salt caramel eventually...

With these pints disappearing from Hannaford, Shaws, and Whole Foods, I was seriously concerned that they might be going away. They are still on the Noosa website plus they posted them to instagram recently. I was still leaning towards their departure until May's comment. I did a quick google search and was able to find the new Lemon Bar flavor.

Update: I found all three flavors that May mentioned. Look for their reviews in the near future!

Verdict?  not bad!
Buy Again?  will check out the new flavors

allergy note: peanut oil is one of the chocolate fudge ingredients


  1. How interesting, I just saw two NEW flavors from them—-a lemon and a cookies & cream. I first tried and liked the chocolate, but while the caramel flavor was great, the texture of my pint was weird—-really soft and a little foamy, like it'd been temperature-abused. After that, whenever I've picked up their pints, like literally picked them up to take a look, they seemed kind of soft to squeeze and not firm... it doesn't matter which store. So I'm not sure if there was a production problem, but I don't want to get pint-punk'd again.

  2. They were just not good.

    Bought all 4, we could barely finish any pint. Agree, this review makes me remember how Salty that SC was. They brought nothing special flavorwise, being yogurt is not enough.

  3. Today at Stop and Shop, I actually just saw another new Noosa akin to mint chocolate chip! Cautiously curious about trying.

  4. Thanks for the info! I updated the post and I should be at a stop & shop in the near future!


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