Sunday, January 29, 2023

NEWS: Ben & Jerry's Churray for Churros Ice Cream

With various folks posting various new pints on social media and my local freezer aisles being quite boring, I do feel a little behind these days....  and then my buddy Eric sends me this:

Ben & Jerry's Churray for Churros! Ice Cream
Buttery Cinnamon Ice Cream with Churro Pieces & Crunchy Cinnamon Swirls

I think the majority of people we're disappointed with Haagen-Dazs' attempt at a churro flavor, so it's nice to see Ben & Jerry's step up and take a crack at it, and according to Eric, they did a good job! Oh man I can't wait to find this one! I may even buy two when I see it.

He also picked up Lights! Caramel! ACTION! which was announced on 12/6/22. This one is also vanilla ice cream with salted caramel swirls, graham cracker swirls & gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough. Eric said this one is tasty as well. Yeah, I'll be picking this one up as well.

So, there is your good news for the day. Have a nice Sunday!

Monday Update: I found both at Whole Foods! >>> Churro review here and LCA review here.


  1. I saw on ig B&J also has Boston Cream and Raspberry Cheesecake. I'm looking to get all 4 of these flavors. FINALLY something to get excited about!

  2. Where are all these new flavors coming from lol. A Boston creme pie, raspberry cheesecake, cookies and caramel, chocolate bar, and now churro ice cream? B&J is going all out to start the year and I'm all for it!

  3. What flavors are leaving to make room?


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