Thursday, August 18, 2022

The Good Batch Brownie Caramel Sandwich

[New for 2019] Do you ever wonder why I still blog after 14 years when most people would have quit long ago? It's ok if you do, because even I wonder some times. I get stuck in a rut of getting frustrated with the lowering quality of my favorite brands but then something magical happens. I run across a treat that reminds me of how good ice cream (treats) shoud be. This is that treat.

The Good Batch Brownie Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich
(vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce between two brownie cookies)

It's as big as the box!
($6 regularly, $5 on sale at Roche Bros)

Does the caramel look like cheese?

I take one bite and I am blown away at just how fantastic the brownie cookies are. How can a frozen brownie cookie be this darn tasty? The texture is perfect for an ice cream sandwich and I doubt my pictures are doing it any justice.

It's a big sandwich, and if I was home, I would have forced myself to take smaller bites and then save the other half for tomorrow. But I'm not home, so I'm going to keep on devouring.

The funny think is that every now and then I feel like a I hit a chocolate chip in the brownie cookies. Pretty sure it's my imagination, but it just lends some credenance to how dialed in these cookies are. It's not just a name, it's a brownie in the shape of a cookie and not just some chocolate cookie.

The caramel does not pop out at you like some gooey buttery sauce. Instead, it's flavor is melded in to the overall complex flavor profile of this treat.

Man this is good, even at $5 a pop. I told my wife I would bring her back so she can help me the other two flavors. Amazing job Good Batch!

On Second Scoop: Can't wait!

Verdict?  Amazing
Buy Again?  YES!!!

Allergy Note: processed in a facility
 that handles tree nuts, peanuts, and soy
click for nutrition facts and ingredients


  1. $5 for one sandwich? OUCH.

    Keep up the good job! 14 years blogging and remaining strong. Not like freezerburns whom made a video on youtube then having a meltdown quitting reviews abruptly.

  2. Wow that's expensive. Never seen this brand before before, but I'll keep an eye out. Icecream sandwiches are probably my favorite form of icecream.

    I know blogging has fallen out of fashion, but I appreciate you taking the time to share. It means a lot to check in and see what you pulled out of your freezer this week.

    Maybe if you find blogging isn't your thing anymore you could start a podcast. Perhaps with some other like minded folks to chat about what everyone has been, I don't know, Noshing on 😜

  3. Yay! You know we LOVE that you're still doing this after 14 years, of course. Definitely have to give this one a try...

  4. can't wait to hear the confetti cake review since that flavor always sounds the alarm!

  5. @Alek: pretty sure that was staged/planned.....

    @joek: hahahaha, but what would we call this podcast?

    @Fein: thanks!

    @RG: soon hopefully!

  6. I appreciate your blog! I’ve made some informed decisions with your reviews. Keep up the good work!

    JoeK…..I see what you did there 👏🤣

  7. Thanks for 14 years of terrific reviews! I’m one who has enjoyed your reviews since the very beginning. I’m sure it’s been difficult at times, but please know how much your loyal followers appreciate all you do!

  8. I too have been around since the start and still check your blog daily for updates. Thanks so much, I appreciate all your hard work!

  9. Came by tonight to see what you had to say about the Noosa FroYo Gelato, and looked in on the other recent reviews. Great to see you still at it! Thanks for sticking with it all these years!

  10. Doh! Those other Noosa pints are still downstairs!


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