Saturday, July 9, 2022

Friendly's Unicorn Power Ice Cream

[New for 2022] I can't believe I bought this ice cream. I almost never buy friendly's nowadays, plus it has a sour swirl, and I don't do sour, but you know what? It was only $2.50!

Friendly's Unicorn Power Ice Cream
pint fruity ice cream with sour blue raspberry swirl,
marshmallow ribbon and glitter candy pieces

that's not the money shot....

That's the money shot!

I take a bite and the urge to spit it out is nowhere to be found. I was totally ready to be bowled over with a disgusting sour flavor but it's not even noticeable (in a traditional sense).

I happily eat through my tasty bowl of ice cream and never once did a blast of sourness sneak up on me. Actually, the marshmallow swirl never really popped out either. It's a surprisingly consistent flavor.

It's like a fun bing cherry like flavor and instead of traditional chocolate chips, we get these fun little "glitter" candy pieces (aka some kind of generic white confectionary with tiny sprinkles in it). It's the appropriate #funfactor mix-in for this fun sweet flavor.

Manufacturing note: Kemp's also has a Unicorn Power ice cream but instead of calling it "pink fruity flavor", they call it "tart cherry flavor". The people who own Friendly's also own Kemp's so these are most likely the same ice cream and it explains why I got the cherry vibe.

On Second Scoop: Still can't believe I like this one. It makes me want to try some of Friendly's other newer offerings... maybe. I was happily chugging through this serving when I finally got a quick blast of sour on one of my bites. It caught me off guard, but I will live. I finished the bowl and look forward to the next serving.

Verdict?  surprisingly tasty
Buy Again?  Update: we're on our 7th container already! This one is great for milkshakes.


Danielle said...

I'll be honest, I tend to buy Friendly's over most other brands these days. It's managed to not degrade like even my beloved TH! Try the Smores if you can find it, it's delicious even as FDD.

Rabbit Girl said...

@Dubba Thought the unicorn fad was waning, guess more so llama and narwhal, though mermaids are still aswim. anyhoo, 1. so was there actually no glitter and just some slight iridescence? boo! if Kesha taught us nothing else, it's that ingestible glitter is a thing and should be exploited whenever possible. 2. nostalgia trip: i remember when i was little my parents would buy a Friendly's flavor that was vanilla with both chocolate and strawberry syrup/gel ribbons swirled in. Do you remember this/know what it was?(i ate it cause it was there, but it was pretty awful)

@Danielle What's FDD?

Fein Dining said...

Wow, Friendly's came through with the surprise victory! We're almost as shocked as you were.

@SnackForagers said...

@RabbitGirl FDD=Frozen Dairy Dessert

Anonymous said...

Frozen dairy dessert

Rabbit Girl said...

thanks to all helping out with my brain freeze